Aquator : Be the Hero of Underworld

by | Aug 11, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Aquator, an android app by Kiwi Games is a famous top down scrolling game set under water. The Aquator, a ship that has been designed to fight the battle against the evil AquaMonsters includes nukes, cannons and has to be steered by tilting the phone. While it is simple to understand this game, it is not easy to master. The skill required is a coordination of the eye and hand movements. It is a highly addictive 2D scrolling shooter game app where you have to save the underwater world from evil forces.


The gameplay of Aquator could not have got simpler. To shoot enemies, you have to only tilt your iOS device to the right or left. The submarine constantly shoots so as to save you the trouble of tapping the screen time and again. If you are trapped and need a large-scale weapon to destroy everything around you, then the special nuke button will come to your rescue. It basically kills all that is present on your screen. However, do not use it unless absolutely necessary as it takes a considerable amount of time to fill your meter once you have used the tool.

The enemies are in different forms, shapes and sizes. There are various boosts that you will find along the way to help you enhance your gun and boost your health. The upgrades for weapons include a three beamed laser gun and a machine gun. These shall give you a longer life and make it easier to kill the AquaMonsters. Also, the excellent screen graphics can be a source of distraction, making the game harder to master.

The game consists of a single level with just one life per game. This becomes limiting and repetitive after a few games. Even though there is just one level, this one level is sure addictive. At the end of the level, you can view your high score, which acts as an incentive for you to keep playing more games.


The background is well designed and is pleasing to the eye. The explosions and laser beam look fantastic and the bubbles underwater look cute and adorable. If you are a beginner, there is a simple and easy to use manual to guide you through the game. The gameplay is uncomplicated and superb. Once you get how the power ups and controls work, you will repeatedly play the game to beat your own high scores.

With the background story of the AquaMonsters endangering the underwater world by teaching baby fishes to eat with their dirty fins and pick noses, it is upto you to save them now. Use the Aquator battleship to gain victory over these monsters and hence save the fish. You have to avoid being shot by the enemies as this could cause you to lose your life, ending the game immediately. While the gameplay, concept and controls are great, it tends to get repetitive and boring after a few rounds. There is no integration with social networks despite the presence of achievements and leaderboards.

Good: Great graphics, simple controls

Bad: Repetitive, no integration with social networks.

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