AreYouIn : Way to Organize Your Events

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AreYouIn is an app that helps you organize your events in a fun and easy way with the help of easy to use interface and some very cool features.It is an app for the people who wants to organize an event without going into the hassle of organizing it like sending invites,making a list of people coming,giving a reminder and many more such tasks that goes into making an event successful.It takes the hassle away and make your work as easy as a pie.


The interface is user friendly and you can get going in just three simple steps.

1.Just select from the various category listed about the type of event or write one of your own.
2.Fill in the particulars about the event such as date and time.
3.You can limit the number of invitees too.
And you are good to go.

Here are some pros and cons of the app


1.Easy to use interface.
2.The app is integrated with the map widget so that you can pinpoint the location on the map.No need to worry about being lost.
3.There is an option for maximum number of people you want to invite than you can limit the maximum number of people that could attend an event.For example if you invited 10 of your friends for a brunch and you set a maximum number of people to 7,then the first 7 people who responded with a yes would be invited and the event would get close automatically.
4.A simple Yes/No interface to confirm the invite for the event.
5.The app syncs the event on to your calendar so that you remember the date and time.It also gives the guests an option to sync the event with their calendar.
6.Beside the listed categories you can create your own event.You can write a small description for the event in the more details option.
7.You get instant notifications from the friends who are coming or who cancelled.So that you can make the changes according to the coming guests.


1.The app doesn’t support you to upload a custom picture for your event.So you have to stick with the preloaded templates.
2.There is no messenger to communicate with the invitees.
3.There is no provision for the invitees to seek further details through the app.

Overall the app is quite good as it makes the process of organizing an event smooth and quick.If you are tired of old fashioned ways of inviting your guests through the same boring means of E-mail,SMS then you would be amaze how easy your life could be with this app.The app is loaded with features to make any event successful be it your soccer game,basketball game,movies,house party or any other event that you could think of.With easy to use interface anyone can organize an event within a few minutes.It is a must have app for all the people who love to have people over their events.

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