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One of the critical factors to always consider in any home is the aspect of security. This is because most of the times an individual may not be around to keep an eye every time. Thus there is great concern to put measures that can best offer such protection. This is especially in relation to preventing unauthorized access from intruders or burglars who may pose a threat to the property and home consequentially. This is why Ichano Company decided to design and develop the amazing AtHome Camera app to perfectly meet security needs of different users in the most flexible and efficient manner. It comes in different formations that may act as pet camera, elder care and even baby monitor among others.

How unique is the AtHome Camera app? Surprisingly, one will come to understand that this incredible app great connection to overwhelmingly huge number of devices (over 10 million). Interestingly, such gadgets can be linked with this app to offer surveillance that is displayed in video form. This has made it easily accessible almost every homeowner who can download and install it and constantly monitor their homes at their own convenient locations. Why not try this amazing app and get that great experience?


Compatibility of AtHome App

Interestingly, this incredible app operates efficiently in all devices and gives exceedingly high performance. These devices include Android Tablet, iPhone, Android phone, iPod Touch, Mac, Windows PC, Smart TV and iPad. The quality of the video footage is amazingly high thus meeting the expected standards required.

How AtHome Camera operates

It all starts by creating an efficient setup either for the mobile device or the laptop in order to enhance connection. For this app to effectively perform its tasks two devices will be required; one that the user will carry along and the one situated at the strategic surveillance point. At first, one will get the app called “AtHome Video Streamer” from Google Play (Android) or App Store for the iPhone devices. Actually, this app will be displaying streamed video from home and once downloaded it comes with a connection ID commonly referred to as CID (it will be used link the AtHome Camera App).

The next thing is to get the AtHome Camera App by downloading it for free and installing it on the second device meant to monitor a particular home. The remaining part is to create a sign up account and set the password and login details. Lastly, link the camera using the CID provided on the AtHome Video Streamer. After seamless connection is created, all that remains is one to try out this amazing integration through getting video streams from directly from home!


Functions boosted by AtHome Camera App

To ensure confidentiality and privacy, the video streams supported are strongly encrypted using the latest techniques and technology. This ensures they reach intended destination safely. Users can also send and get email notification, get a chance to view the preview of videos, recording alarms and schedules and even communicate with another party or individual

Below are amazing features that users will come across in the AtHome Camera app:

Instant Movement detection

Any movement that occurs within the surrounding home is quickly detected and reported via push messages or notifications. This can always prompt for a faster inquiry and action.

Safety is guaranteed

This instills great confidence to the user since everything is done in a private manner and data encryption has been applied.

Get Multiple Streams simultaneously!

This act is boosted by the presence of the split-screen feature; it allows the user to get multiple exposures to video streams without necessarily the need to close different tabs. One screen is just enough!


Communicate through a two-way means

Apparently, AtHome Camera App comes with two speakers which have been integrated within it. They are meant to enhance efficient between the user and another party especially in relation to security.

Store Videos in Cloud

This storage platform offers the user great assurance that the videos and images will be always safe and easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Set schedule time to record

This is a unique feature that allows an individual to set the right time frame where actual recordings can apply. This will depend on the preferences of the homeowner in relation to risk exposure.

Create a hideout on a startup

Users can get a chance to operate the streaming through background mode thus making this app not visible to anyone.

Consistent camera adjustment

In order to get clear view of the entire surrounding using the camera, this feature highly helps in facilitating easy tilting and panning. This can move the camera either sideways (left and right) or vertically (up and down).

Below are notable pros and cons that the user can identify from this amazing AtHome Camera App:


· Simple to install and use

· High quality resolution offers great display

· Absolutely effective and cost saving

· Easily compatible with different devices

· Offers great convenience and security


· Bugs problem though they’ve been fixed lately

· It is a bit sluggish in sensing motion


What a great app that any homeowner can possess! Besides being absolutely free for download, it offers high quality surveillance and monitoring services that are incomparable. With the current version 3.2.3 supporting new features like offline video play, InApp Billing, Cloud Video Transfer and notifications, this makes it an absolute choice for security. Why wait? Get it now and enjoy such exclusive services!

Worth Having App – Download the App

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