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by | Mar 27, 2012 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Awesome Wallpaper is an app which is amazingly free and provides users with new and titillating wallpapers; all in High Definition! Upon entering the app, I was personally greeted to the categories that the app exclusively provided. It has genres such as Nightscape, Graffiti and one of my personal favorites, Games.

If you click on any of the categories, you would then be immediately transported to its’ own hotbed of scintillating variety of wallpapers. For me, since I favor games tremendously, I was greeted to Games Wallpaper such as World of Warcraft (WoW), Diablo 3, Call of Duty, etc. The collection of wallpapers is perhaps the most I had seen using an application.

The wallpapers are all from the app developer’s own server, which allows instant loading of all of the wallpapers and they are all optimized and are suited for your own personal phones. This app also work perfectly and seamlessly with other app launcher, such as the one I am using which is Go Launcher, making it a mainstay in my phone for sure.

Right below the collection of wallpapers are options such as Like, Share and Comment. Firstly, the Like option would allow you to “Like” this application so that other peers who are trying to find a wallpaper app that suits them would be attracted to this application.  This actually helped a few of my friends in deciding on the apps that they are going to install on the phone. Another option would be Share, which as it implies, allows you to share this application either on Facebook, Twitter, electronic mail or messages. This is in fact, a very healthy way to introduce more people to this app as not many would even know of the existence of this amazing application. Lastly but not least would be the Comment function, which allows you to write a comment about this application. You can either critique or praise it there and other thousands of users could see your comment.

Another useful function of this app would be the Search function, which allows you to search through the wallpapers using terms that you would like. For example, if I just want Diablo Wallpapers, I would just have to key in the word “Diablo” and the application would provide me with a plethora of Diablo Wallpapers, satisfactory to my terms.

The app also provides you with other great apps that they find satisfactory and interesting for you.  For example, I have “Rage of Bahamut” which I could download for free and it is certainly an addictive game; I had tried it and liked it.

However, one point that I did not like about this app would be there are no sub categories. For example, I would like greater detail when I open the category of “Games” where I could be prompted to choose from sub categories like Call of Duty, Skyrim, Diablo,etc. If it implement these kind of intricate sub-categories, I am assured that this app would be a smashing success amongst everyone.

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