Baby’s Brilliant – Baby’s Friendly App !

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All parents to young children yearn for one thing…time! Time to work, sleep, time, shower, or eat…the list is endless! Well, one very smart mother decided to do something about this lack of ample time and went on to develop the wonderful application called Baby’s Brilliant.


Baby’s Brilliant simply, is a nice collection of educational songs and videos set to classical music which are aimed at educating, delighting and entertaining infants and young children, all so that parents can steal few precious moments to themselves! From Animated Songs to everyday life movies that have been set to classic music, Read-Along Books to very interactive Soundboards, Baby’s Brilliant introduces toddlers and babies to the world around them, in a playful, enriching and educational way. Babies can learn numbers, letters, animals, shapes, colors and different educational concepts, in many languages, while at the same time being entertained.

The Baby’s Brilliant app is more than just entertaining children. It is an application that helps to develop their skill-set for learning. When the children develop early, they acquire a joy for learning, which is key to opening them up for lifetime education.



  • Great design and navigation tools.
  • Allows for creation of multiple playlists. This function makes the parent the director, so they can choose what their baby watches, control the order and screen time.
  • Audio books in both English and Spanish.
  • Videos for hearing-impaired children.
  • Interactive soundboards that children can tap to listen to sounds and names of letter, animals, instruments, etc
  • All materials offered in English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German.


Once you download this app from iTunes store, there are three main features available for you to explore:

Night Lights. Night Lights composes different relaxing visuals that have been set to soothing music to help toddlers fall asleep. All scenes are real-nature scenes like oceans, sunsets or beautiful mountain ranges. Apart from the beautiful music on offer, one can also create favorites and Playlists for easier and quicker access to videos and songs one wants. You also have the option of timing and/or looping the videos and music.

Movies. The movies teach different concepts like numbers and letters, while offering them in languages such as German and French. There are movies about animals, transportation, nature and animated videos to children songs like ABC or the Old MacDonald. These little movies are accompanied with songs to help kids learn basic spelling and basic concepts of the bible.

Music. There’s a wide range of Music to choose whether Children’s songs, educational songs, nap time music, Spanish songs, Lullabies and religious songs. It is recommended that you visit the Baby’s Brilliant website ( before buying so that you can preview them to ensure they really are something children would enjoy.

Though Most of the content in the app isn’t free, one gets 3 free videos with the rest costing $0.99 each.

All in all, the app is definitely “WORTH IT” for downloading. It’s educational while still remaining fun and engaging for the kiddo.The Baby’s Brilliant app offers a fun, friendly environment, for your little ones to safely explore and learn. It is An “All-In-One App” with your child’s favorite videos, books and music all under one roof!

 Worth Having App – Download the App

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