Bin-Glo : An iOS App for those Who Enjoy Puzzling

by | Mar 16, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 1 comment

While the first thought that the app Bin-Glo might bring to one’s mind is that of Bingo, this app is not even vaguely related to bingo. Mecca bingo disproves the conventional mindset that Bingo is something that is confined to senior citizens alone. Mecca is basically a bingo hall with a casino style with a disco-bowling look where people come to score cards, drink and eat. Once you know what bingo is after reading this, you will thoroughly understand the meaning of the first sentence in this review.

While Mecca Bingo is known for bingo, the Bin-Glo iOS app is not related to this game in any aspect. It is a new game altogether with a concept that is very different from bingo. It uses numbered balls to bring to you a fun unique game. This app is like a fun puzzle, which can be fun and also drive you nuts. It can be light for those who are love puzzles and also be hard and mind boggling for those who don’t. The basic gameplay is that the player aims with a spring and fires at small balls, which are numbered.

The object of the game is that random numbers will flash at the top of your screen and you have to fire at the small balls having the same number as the one flashing on your screen. You can score a multiplier by just bouncing the ball off other balls or walls or any other objects before you strike your target ball. When you hit an object, it starts moving around your playing field, resembling something of a billiards board.

As the game proceeds, you move into the ‘crazy’ mode, where you will be driven crazy indeed. Besides just the simple balls, there are variations like the balls becoming spurious, ones that teleport and also lasers to help you with taking your aim. While it is harder, the multiplier is also increased quite a bit. Once you have completed five levels, you will be allowed to access a bonus level in which you have to select the ball of the given number in a specified time. Another great advantage is that there are no negatives for missing out an aim; hence you can take any number of taps on the screen at various places.

While Bin-Glo might sound a lot of fun and interesting, the gameplay is too simple and can get boring after some time. The variations are not enough to keep up the interest and enthusiasm for the game. However, it is sure to interest some people and keep them glued, especially those who love puzzles and enjoy them.

Bin-Glo app is free of cost and has been designed with simplicity so that the main theme of the game stands out. The user interface and controls are simple to work with and does not take time to get used to at all. The idea of the game is splendid but it could do with some more additions and modifications for sure.  More details on –

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