Bomb Squadz: Bombs galore!

by | Sep 7, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

That which cannot be achieved in real life, in terms of fantasies, finds its place in games. It’s a world where you liberate all your ideas and let your imagination just flow. Things like going into the future, saving the world, finding your perfect match and more can be accomplished through games. Everyone wants to be a hero sometime in their life. If that time for you is now, then Bomb Squadz, an iOS app, will help you fulfil this dream.

bomb1You go into the extremes and start playing with the most dangerous weapons- bombs. The added twist is that these bombs are also capable of killing you. Hence, caution is of prime importance. Developed by Ali Arimi, this app is here to let you explore the adventurous side of you. It is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 5.0 or higher.

Freddy’s face is inside a wheel and you have to spin the wheel about to keep him safe from all the fireballs being fired at him. To do this, you make use of the gears placed on the outer side of the central wheel. Also, you have to shot these fireballs back to the bombs, destroying them if you manage to aim right. The number of lives Freddy has is fixed. As you proceed with the game, the frequency of bombs also increases, shooting the difficulty level upwards. The game ends if you either get hit by a fireball and Freddy exhausts all his lives.

bomb3The features of the game are top notch. The graphics are fabulous, audio is high definition and home screen is almost immaculate. The home screen of the app has been kept simple but serves to be effective and also manages to look great at the same time. You can mute either the sound effects or the background music or both even. Users are asked to sign into Game Center before setting on the game. However, they can also play without an account. They can always connect an account during a later stage in the game by visiting the Leaderboard option.

The tutorials of the game have been made extremely well. Each part of the gameplay is tackled and explained individually in order to help uses grasp the game better. In terms of the gameplay, the app scores pretty well.

While the implementation of the app is excellent, the concept is quite stale. It resembles that of the classic moving plank and ball game. Of course, there are more interesting features added to it but the basic concept is quite old. There are fireballs being shot at you from all directions and you have to escape them at all costs.

At present, this app is available in the App store for $0.99. Overall, it is a fun game that will test your agility and speed both, making use of a fun and interesting concept. At the same time, the features will leave you in awe, leaving you wishing for more.

Good: Gorgeous graphics and features

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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