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Are you looking for an app to assist you create a yearbook or family book? Do you want a solution that is free of charge without skimping on quality? Do you want an editor that lets you create on your iPad on the go and on the computer browser? Well look no further, BookPress is the app for you.


Templates to choose from

When you first log into the app, the first thing you are presented with is a choice of templates. This templates help you simplify the design of the book you want to create. The templates include storybook, cookbook, Family book, Children’s Book and even a blank page. These templates are well structured with areas designated for images and others for text. The blank page is ideal for those who want to let their imagination run wild.

Use local and cloud files

With BookPress there is no limit of sources. You can use the files you have stored on your iPhone or iPad. If in case you are a user of cloud storage services, your online files are within reach too. BookPress supports a myriad of file formats. Images can be retrieved from the gallery, dropbox or flickr. In place of text; Word document and PDF formats are all supported.


Use content from blogs

Sometimes the file you need may not be saved on your phone, maybe it’s some text you wrote on your blog and you want to include it in your book. Fright not, BookPress has the provision to import content from blogs. This can really come in handy for bloggers or those who generally follow blogs and other websites.


We all know vivid and catchy books are not completed in one day. The developers of BookPress understand this and have incorporated bCloud to help you in this editing journey. This cloud service saves your book progress so that you can carry on editing either on the app or online via their website. You left your iPad at home? No worries, you can commence your editing on your friends iPad or at the workplace computer browser. This not only gives you flexibility but also peace of mind knowing that your book’s progress remains safe even if your gadget is misplaced.



Once your book is complete, you might want to have it in a real tangible long-lasting format. BookPress will assist you in turning your digital masterpiece into a softcover or even hardcover book. Even better, you can make as many copies as you want. No maximum or minimum limit. You can finally get all your friends their own copy of the yearbook.


In the digital era we are living in, almost all your friends and relatives are connected in one or more social networks. Using the BookPress app, you can share your book to them all. Moreover, you have the choice to share the whole book or individual pages. All they need to read your work is iBook app and they are set.


If you want preserve your memories or express your ideas, collecting them in a book is a great way to do it. BookPress facilitates an intuitive and user friendly way to make book of all sorts. Try it today and express your yourself.

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