Buddypass Chat App: Way to Find New Friends

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In the recent past, lots of people have been well connected by social media from all over the world. However, in most cases, there has not been a direct contact with some individuals who have been connected together. Actually, most of the activities have always been conducted via phone. How about getting an app that brings people in the surrounding locality together to meet face to face? This sounds quite interesting and Buddypass Chat app has been able to achieve this goal. In order to ensure that the users get the best experience, this app connects different individuals who share similar passions, hobbies and interest where they can engage in different fun-filled events.

How the Buddypass Chat app operates

Once the user has installed this app, there are options offered on different events one would prefer to undertake as part of the hobbies. Some of the hobbies include movie watching, skateboarding, bike riding, eating in restaurants, working out and much more. Actually, an individual will discover that there are other people in the surrounding locality who share the same passions and interests. Thus, it becomes quite easy to engage in a conversation with them, check on their passions and establish friendship.

Once the user is well acquainted with the other users, it becomes quite easy to create an event and consider hanging out with the new friends. Interestingly, if the events turn out well, photos and videos can be taken and get shared on profile. This can absolutely create more interest on such a profile.

Here are the features that one will come across on this fantastic app:


Create own event

Planning to organize an event in the surrounding locality? There is no need to worry. Buddypass Chat app is going to ensure that the event has been well-organized in the best way possible. This is because it will highly assist in connecting one with different friends through creating newsfeed just like in other social platforms. Thus, it becomes quite easy to get a group of individuals with the same interest and get to hangout together.

Send invitation for friendship

In this situation, one can opt create a group where individuals sharing the same interests and passions can be brought together. This can either be a book club, movie watching, or gossip chat session. Once the invitation has been send to such people via social media or contacts, they can either accept or decline them. After knowing each other, the group can proceed to create a meet-up later to know each other better.

Build lasting relationships

In spite of having different varied events that can be done on the platform, Buddypass Chat app also offers individuals a chance to create lasting relationships. However, such people should display similar interests such that it will become quite easy to interact even in indoor and outdoor activities. Clearly, this app moves a step further in helping people know each other better.


Start working on new hobbies

Whether an individual is in Ottawa, New, York, Toronto or Los Angeles, this fantastic app offers an incredible chance to identify new hobbies. One can then proceed to invite friends to engage together in such indoor or outdoor activities. Some of the hobbies worth trying may include movie watching, bike riding, workout, enjoying delicious meals in a restaurant among others.


Buddypass Chat app is currently compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Also, the user will require iOS 7.0 or any new version available to enhance its operation.

Check below for the Pros and Cons of the Buddypass Chat app:


· Absolutely fun meeting new people

· Secure platform for privacy

· Easy to invite friends to events

· Leads to lasting friendships

· User-friendly interface


· Infrequent in performance

· Not effective in low internet areas

Final Verdict

Buddypass Chat app is truly a social app that has adopted a unique approach when it comes to facilitating interaction between individuals. It offers an effective platform where users can chat, create new friends, share different events and even create some meet-ups to hang out together. Clearly, it is a must-have app for any ardent individual ready to have new fun-filled experience. It is ready for download on the App Store. Get it now!

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