Budget Boss- Be the boss of your budget and finances

by | Jul 10, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

If you always find your money slipping away from your hands and find your finances going awry, then you need something to help you keep a track of your financial budget. The iOS app Budget Boss serves this exact purpose excellently.  You can keep track of your main areas of expenditure so that you can find out where you could cut out on spending money. You can get an overview of your finances on a daily basis so as to manage your cash flow in a more efficient manner.

Budget Boss helps one track their expenditure patterns in a simple way. With the help of the most accurate input of your expenditure, this app provides you with reports to help you handle it. There are also graphical representations provided to you. On the basis of your current spending and income, this app will also predict your bank balance for you two years from now. By doing this, it encourages users to stick to their budget so as to increase their future bank balance. The data from this app can directly be exported to Excel too. It also has tools to help you get payment plans in place.

[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/budget-boss/id606136295?mt=8″]

Your budget us analyzed under four main categories- Balance Outlook, Balance Elements, Balance History and Balance Summary. In Balance Outlook, you can track your daily balance. In Balance Elements, you assign expenditure and income, start and end dates and frequency cycle. You can organize them into already existing categories or create your own. Balance Summary gives you an overview of your average balance on a daily, weekly, yearly and monthly basis with regards to income, spending and margin. Pie charts and margin graph help in this. Balance History gives you a record of changes made in your expenditure habits so as to monitor trends.

If you wish to make the most of this app, then you are required to give in a detailed input of your expenditure. Most are under the impression that entering too much data would clutter the app but this is not to so, thanks to its layout. It makes the users feel just informed by data they enter.

A touch of color is added to the graphics of Budget Boss so as to help users identify their main areas of spending better. Budgeting trends are presented in the form of bar graphs and pie charts to help better analysis of data. The process of inputting data into this app is very simple.

[screens url=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/budget-boss/id606136295?mt=8″]

Priced at $0.99, this app is more than reasonable for the features that it provides you with. Although there are numerous budget apps available on the internet at present, none can match the features and user-friendliness of Budget Boss. The detailed analysis of trends in expenditure really does have a positive effect and encourages users to cut down on their main areas of expenditure. Even though there is a lot of data and graphics, the layout is such that the app does not seem cluttered or crowded in the least.


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