CAMS2ME – Cheap and Handy surveillance Camera

by | Dec 19, 2013 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Ever wondered of setting up a surveillance camera in your office or in your home? It’s very simple and easy now with CAMS2ME application. You can easily turn your Webcam into a surveillance camera using this application. You will have option to view the camera feed remotely through your iPhone/iPad. It’s not only provides you option to view camera, you can also access the files stored in you Machine and you can have a remote control of your PC from you mobile devices like iPhone or iPad.


CAMS2ME application works in a clients server model, where the iPhone/iPad application is the client and all you need do is install their server in your laptop/desktop where you have an internal/external webcam access. Once you have installed the server in your Laptop you would be prompted to register with the url Where xxxx refers your unique private server location. Once you have configured the server in your laptop you are all set now. Just open the CAMS2ME client application in your iPhone and enter your unique server location with the access code to it.

You can add multiple servers in you CAMS2ME client application on iPhone or iPad and monitor multiple systems at  a time. You can switch between the servers easily. You have option to record the live feed from Webcam and Microphone and store the files in your PC. You can review your monitoring security history and manage the files easily from you iPhone or iPad client application.

CAMS2ME works perfectly on any iDevices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which has iOS 6 or later. This application is specifically optimized for iPhone 5 and above. It occupies just 15 MB in your mobile devices and it gives you the exact feature of surveillance camera and some more additional remote control features which are easy to use. Just you need to connect to a decent network either wifi or 4G data network. You will receive live surveillance feed from your home/office. You have option to adjust the motion sensitivity of the webcam monitoring, with which you can setup an alert to notify you when any motion is sensed. This will be useful when you are out of town and you wish to monitor your home for any burglary. It also provides option to monitor the Audio sensitivity and sends notification.

camm2This is the easy way to setup a surveillance camera which provides live notification alerts by spending less than $10. Yes you don’t need any technicians to setup a surveillance camera in your home. You yourself can do it with this application and they provide a wonderful help menu within this application which gives you step by step information to setup and configure this application. It’s the cheap and best surveillance cam application available in the market. Initially they provide a trial period for the Server license and then if you are satisfied you can purchase 12 months subscription of the server license for less than $5.  With a total of  less than $15 spent, you can easily secure your home or office with a 24X7 surveillance monitoring system.

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