Candid : Speak Your Mind Freely Without Fear Using Anonymous Identity

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One interesting thing that every individual would want is a chance to freely express different views without any limitation. This freedom has not always been availed in the existing environment. Is there a way out of this confinement? Indeed yes! Apparently, with Candid app this has been made possible in a special manner. The users of this incredible app have an incredible opportunity to speak out their thoughts on favorite topics through the use of anonymous identities. The conversation may actually involve a group of friends or totally new strangers with whom one is sharing the same app platform.

Interestingly, the entire experience is incredibly amazing as one is able to get varied views of different topics that can be really useful. Besides, the entire process is done in a confidential way thus making it absolutely secure for the user. Clearly, Candid app is the absolute tool for speaking out the mind in a free, secure and fearless way! Why not get it today?


How the Candid app works

Apparently, this incredible app is pretty super easy to operate and interact with friends and other people. There is the icon where one can create and introduce new posts which can be liked and even get comments from friends whose identities remain anonymous. There is also the option where one can join different groups that are discussing various topics in order to comment and follow up discussions. Besides, the user is given a pseudonym especially when it comes making new posts. The entire activity is properly moderated to ensure that no aspect of offensive posting or bullying is undertaken. Generally, the entire experience with Candid app is super awesome and absolutely interactive. No more worries at all!

The Compatibility of Candid app

When it comes to the recommendable devices that can work efficiently with Candid app, some have proven to display exceptional performance. They include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. This is because this incredible app from Candid Labs, Inc. not only contains high quality features but also delivers the best output when running smoothly in compatible devices. Besides, iOS 8.0 or any latest version of operating system in the market will work best for this app.

Below are unique features the user will come across in the Candid app:

Efficient group moderators

One clear thing that the user will discover from this app is that the identities of the users are not displayed. They actually use pseudonyms. Thus, some of them might derail out of the topic and end up posting offensive posts. In order to ensure that the conversation remains significant and on topic, the group moderators will absolutely check on that!

A new pseudonym for each new post

In order to ensure that the user’s anonymity is consistently taken into account, the Candid app facilitates generation of a new pseudonym for the user each time one makes a new post. This is also an incredible opportunity for one to speak out the mind without being completely recognized. The aspect of each post coming with a new identity makes this app absolutely secure and safe while interacting!


Check different posts and comment with ease

As a user of this Candid app, it is time to get candid. The app displays new posts from friends and strangers where one can comment and like using anonymous identity. There are different favorite topics that can be discussed in this app. To make the experience incredibly fantastic, the entire presentation is displayed in high quality and colorful themes. The outlook is really captivating!

The history tab for reference

In this version 1.3.1 of the app, the developers have integrated the history tab icon. This is meant to act as archive where one can always refer to the comments and likes made. This may be in relation to the posts that different users have posted on the platform. Great memories can be worth checking over and over again!

Perfect reporting procedure for offensive post

There are some instances where cases of offensive post might be experienced. This great app has taken that issue into account through ensuring that proper means of reporting such cases (for instance bullying and slander) have been put into place. It is only in Candid app where everyone has a say without fear!

Here are the Pros and Cons identified in Candid app:


· It is absolutely safe and secure to use

· Perfect interaction with different people on favorite topics

· A chance to join a group and share same ideas

· Easy to share views through commenting and liking ideas

· Easy to refer posts from the history tab


· Performance slowdown due to bugs

· Mild sexual content noted from offensive posting


What a great way to engage in conversation while remaining anonymous! This top rated app (with a 4+ rating) has clearly come up with an amazing solution where individuals can easily communicate without fear. Besides, the presence of group moderators, pseudonyms for new posts, fantastic themes and secure platform makes the app absolutely perfect. It is worth downloading for free on App Store. Don’t miss out in this anonymous chat!

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