Caricature Me – Photo Deformer – An app that turns you into an accomplished caricature artist

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Caricature Me – Photo Deformer – An app that turns you into an accomplished caricature artist
Caricature Me developed by STOIK is a novel fun app that allows you to create funny images of people you know. It is a complete graphical app that guarantees 100% happiness and smiles on you near and dear ones. It is very handy especially if you are an event manager who does a lot of parties. What really stuns me is that for such a simple concept, the functionalities of the app are just too many. Not only will you be able to deform the photos, but you will also be able to create short videos transforming a photo from its original to the caricature that we create. This super app is not limited to just general photos but also with personal photos clicked on your own. So the next time you are caught up by a bully, give it back by clicking the bully’s picture and deforming it. But on a wonder-struck note, let us look at the highlights of this app.

When you enter the app you have two sample photos along with three icons in the bottom that allows you to select a picture from either your smart phone or facebook or click a picture of the person in front of you right there. Once you select your photo, you can start working on it.

Functionality options

  • At the bottom left is the effects icon that creates various effects on the photo when you place your finger on the touch screen and hold it there for long time.
  • Push effect: The point of contact on the image gets pushed around in whichever direction you push it
  • Zoom-out, zoom-in effect: when you place your finger at a point on the image, the image either zooms out or zooms in
  • Anti-clockwise, clockwise rotate effect: Place finger on the image without moving for a rotation effect to the required side
  • Explosion effect: Select this bomb icon to acquire an effect that makes the point of contact on image explode
  • Eraser: This icon simply undoes the effect that you previously created
  • Play button icon: This icon on the top right plays the transition video starting from the original photo and ending at the caricature that you just created

Notable features

  • Direct connection icon to camera interface
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple functionalities
  • We can directly share the deformed photos on networking sites or send through emails, MMS
  • Ability to save the modified photos as .gif for easier sharing
  • Requires Android 2.2 and above and is a free app


Caricature Me is an awesome app that gives us a wonderful feeling. Previously, to create such photos, one would have to be proficient in photoshop and similar software. To bring such complex creation ability into a simple touch screen enabled smart phone app is a commendable feat achieved by STOIK. The user is spared the exercise of reading the detailed manuals of other photo manipulation software when all the user wants to do is just create a caricature. A must-try-it-out for all people especially those whose wish to be caricature artists!

Download Link :    Download the Application

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