ccPing: Security and Instant Messaging in a Single App

by | May 22, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

While there are numerous messenger apps for the iOS, none of them are focused on security. This aspect is the central focus of ccPing developed by Theta Software Lab. Along with this, it facilitates easy instant messages between coworkers, family and friends. The main aim is to keep your messages secure from suspicious people.

Working with the app is very easy. To begin with, you create an account on the app. Then, you can begin adding your contacts and go ahead with chatting. You have two choices when it comes to allowing the app access to your iPhone contacts. If you want high security, you can individually add only those contacts that use the app from the app. Alternately, you could also allow the app permissions to access your entire phonebook. The choice is all yours.

cc1If you thought that addition of security would complicate the app, then you are mistaken there. Chatting with friends is just like other messenger apps. You start a conversation, type out your message and send it. A notification is sent once your message is delivered and also when it has been read.

Another interesting feature is the secure chat sessions offered by this app. You can add a title and a password to your chat, provided the other members of it also know the password. Once this is done, you can resume your chat as normal. There is a lock icon on the screen as well. If you select this option, all chat messages will be encrypted and only users with the password will be able to decrypt and read them.

There are also many other features that make the app better than the others available in the market. Voice memos can be sent easily on chat. It is equally easy to send contacts, your own locations and even photos.

cc2ccPing offers message destruction, a feature that gives it a clear edge over other messaging apps. You can customize messages to be delivered after specific time duration of being delivered or read. This gives it a secretive aura. Hence, you can be rest assured if you have to send some secure information that you do not wish to be available even in your chat logs after a long time. You can also send out remote wipe instructions to the app if you happened to send a message with errors. This will remove it from your device and also from the receivers’ device. This way, you can undo any errors you make while messaging. This high level of flexibility and security is unique to this app alone.

This iOS app is available in the App Store for free. It has been designed keeping the iPhone in mind. However, there are also desktop versions of the app available to add versatility. It does its job of a messenger and adds a security aspect without interfering with the normalcy of chats. Due to its simplicity and security features, this app has a long way to go indeed. It sure is worth giving a try.

Good: Highly secure chats

Bad: None

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