Chase your Mission in Helidroid 3D

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Mission based games are always loved by game lovers and changing mission with each level as you progress brings in a kind of enthusiasm that is not available in monotonous action games. This is what makes Helidroid 3D wonderful, which is a 3D game and comprises of a lot of mission. As the name suggests the game moves about 3 helicopters and mission with them. It is a new game for the android users and the missions in the game are really quite interesting.

heli1Helidroid 3D, by MH production, is a game played in a scene where a house is located in the middle of city with huts as well as skyscrapers. You will be getting the view of the house, the swimming pool and the helipads and the missions will revolve around it. The tutorial of the game is great enough to teach you how to control the helicopter, so don’t skip it before you move ahead. There are several missions in the game. For example, it will ask you to blow out candles by flying over them, pass through several rings and land on the mat. It may ask you to demolish the house of cards, escort the electrician train and many more. The missions will become more complicated as you progress in the game. The game is a free one to download and there is no in app purchase.


  • Helidroid  is a 3D game of helicopter and involves scenery which is quite impressive to look at.
  • There are two joystick in the game, one for moving the helicopter up down and one for moving in to all side on a plane. You can also make the helicopter take a U-Turn by moving your finger on the screen.
  • The game comes with a good tutorial which will make playing the game quite easy for any player.
  • The game is a unique one that is based on logic and physics and at the same time, there is option to interact with objects that are in the house.
  • The game graphics is cool enough and there are some movements that would make things look real. For example, when the helicopter comes close to the water you can see a ripple in the water.
  • It is possible to set the quality of the game.
  • In order to progress to the next mission, you have to complete the previous mission within a stipulated time. Here, you will be playing against time.
  • The game is a completely free one with no in-app purchases.
  • If you are left-handed, you can even select the left-handed mode in the game.
  • You can choose to increase FPS and music from the settings.
  • You can share your score through Facebook and Twitter.

Summary: Helidroid 3D is a game which involves a lot of skills to be applied. There are a total of 18 levels in the game which you will have to cross with your skill.

Good: The graphics is quite interesting in the game.

Bad: Acquiring the right skill is a bit difficult.

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