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Sometimes we’re in a situation of dilemma, especially when we choose what to wear, what to cook, which hairstyle we should try, what kind of shoes we should wear and a lot more queries. At that time, we ask our parents, friends or just see the mirror and take our own opinion. But still, the problem remains the same! Is there any solution for that problem which helps us to decide quickly? Yes, I think Social Media is the solution of every problem, nowadays. Do you agree? Definitely, you’ll, after reading this review!

Today, I’m going to introduce you an app which is the best way to get fast and accurate answers to all of your doubts. It’s none other than Chooster. Maybe you’ve heard about it before! It has been developed by the Chooster Inc. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch having iOS 8.0 or any later version of the Operating System. This current version has been updated on Oct 24, 2017 with minor bug fixes and a lot of improvements.
Suppose you’re going to a party and can’t decide which dress you should wear, then no problem, just download the Chooster app from the App Store and install it on your phone. Start creating your profile and make new friends. Now you can create a post with a hashtag and some pictures of your dresses. You can also upload video, audio, etc. and upload up to 5 different choices for your friends and family to vote on. You can create the post whether public or private. Now anyone can vote on the given choices and according to that you can choose the dress quickly and your problem will be solved. Moreover, you can ask the Chooster community for their opinion also.

Similarly, you can help others also when they are confused about something and vote on their posts which may include fashion, beauty, travel, technology, sports and many more categories. This app is full of fun and entertainment and you’ll enjoy every second of it.


  • Unlike other apps, you can do a lot of things with the help of Chooster such as upload a variety of pictures, videos, audio clips and texts and thereby create public as well as private polls.
  • You can create a Yes or No poll by choosing one option only.
  • The people who are in your profile or not in your friends list can vote at the polls that were posted publicly.
  • You can also explore trending polls, popular groups and featured hashtags.
  • If you want to get in touch with new people, then you can discover and follow new accounts.

This app will surely help you to make new friends, engage with them and your family and our community also. Apart from the above features Chooster offers a lot of things to do that other apps can’t afford! Seriously, you can go for it and spread in the whole world now!

The app is available for free on the iTunes Store. 

Pros: clear your doubts; solve your problem; voting system; quite enjoyable app; easy to use; helps to make new friends also; get to know others opinion also; free to use. 

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.7 out of 5 stars.

 Worth Having App – Download the App

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