Clairvoyant CAKKHU- Perfect For Correctly Answering What Is Captured In Photos

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Clearly, photos captured tend to display a lot of details, experiences and other related features. They induce great sense of reminiscence and different moments that one was actually engaged in different activities. Actually, photos bring out something worth remembering each time an individual takes a look at them. How about trying something new? Apparently, passionate photo lovers got a reason to have a fun-filled moment while checking different photos. This is due to the introduction of an amazing photograph-related known as Clairvoyant CAKKHU. Surprisingly, this great app has ability to tell the user what was exactly captured in the photo in an absolutely intelligent way.


Designed and developed by NAMA, the current version 1.0 of Clairvoyant CAKKHU app was recently updated on 9th June, 2016 to boost its performance. This was also meant to ensure that it remain efficient when delivering output. Its content rating is 3+ proving its ability to meet the expected demands of the users. Generally, Clairvoyant CAKKHU is a high quality app that has applied the neural network technology to help provide a high sense of learning and understanding for the photos. The experience is fun-filled as Ms. CAKKHU tries to provide answers in relation to different photos.

Compatibility of Clairvoyant CAKKHU

This app tends to adopt simple but a high quality formation which makes it to perform quite well on high quality devices. Thus, the user will be required to have Android device (version 4.0 or any latest one available). The operating system of the compatible device should also prove great capability of efficiently supporting the app.

The Functionality of the Clairvoyant CAKKHU

The user will discover that this great app is easy to operate once it has been installed. It actually integrates well with the photo gallery to ensure that the photos are well presented. Since this app tends to apply the artificial intelligence, in some cases it might not fully give the right description; though generally most of the answers it gives are surprisingly correct!


Meanwhile the user will note that the platform where Clairvoyant CAKKHU app operates gives the user two options to state whether the answer given is either correct or wrong. Thus, suppose Ms CAKKHU gives an incorrect answer, it would be critical to inform her correct one. How can this be done? Apparently, once the user points out that the answer is incorrect; there is a pop-up display that request one to input the correct answer for the photo taken. The entire process is exciting as one tries to check on the capabilities of Clairvoyant CAKKHU in identifying what is entailed in different photos.

Features Included

High quality and colorful graphics

This app tends to apply high quality formation in relation to the entire display thus making the content to come out quite clear. Besides, the colorful themes and graphics integrated make it to possess a captivating outlook thus making it worth trying.

Perfect photo appraisal

This amazing app applies artificial intelligence that makes it to perfectly define the components that are found within the photo. This is quite surprising since it tends to give the correct results nearly in all cases.

A chance to give correct answers

Since this Clairvoyant CAKKHU app has chances of giving out incorrect results (though in rare cases), there is an opportunity for the user to make corrections. Interestingly, those correct answers can be input within the Clairvoyant CAKKHU app to ensure that they perfectly align with the photo.


Friendly interactive expressions

This interesting feature is displayed as Ms. CAKKHU gives out the answer of a particular photo that has been presented. Such friendly expressions tend to prompt the user to justify whether the answer given is correct or not.

Some of the Pros and Cons found in this Clairvoyant CAKKHU include the following:


· Easy to interact with the app due to its simplicity

· Fun and exciting experience gained

· Great performance- generally answers given are correct!

· The graphic effects and design is amazing

· Very flexible- wrong answers can be corrected


· Infrequency in performance- some answers are incorrect

· Hard to use in photos with multiple items


In summary, Clairvoyant CAKKHU app is a great and unique app designed to give the user a great moment when going through different photos. It brings out a sense of liveliness and enthusiasm due to its continuous interaction with the user. Its performance is commendable. Its quality formation is exceptional. Thus, why not get it and enjoy that moment with the photo test? It is now downloadable for free at Google Play. Don’t miss out!

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