ConnectiXX Free – Think and Connect

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ConnectiXX Free – Think and Connect

Puzzle games are our favorite flavor no matter what season it is! First, the gameplay is mostly unique in each installment and it’s really addictive to spend hours solving the same level. It’s all about a hint we’re waiting for and as it strikes, the puzzle’s solved. There are numerous examples of the popular ones such as Falling Moron Test, Buzzer Quiz, Plopp, Plumber Reloaded and Sudoku being just a few of them. Also, these kinds of games are educational as well. Let’s just add another one to the list, Connectixx Free.

Connectixx Free is the new Android app that has been developed by Matthias Lange. More games by the developer include Candy Racer which has been doing quite well in the market. Now, for the app we have right now, as the name suggests, it is a free game. The game offers a unique gameplay never tested before on any kind of platform. One and the only thing you’ll find on this app is “pure gaming”, nothing else.

The gameplay consists of a no. of circular elements, each having a mathematical number inside it. These numbers suggest the no. of other elements with which that circle is to be connected. The game requires you to connect all these circles together with the help of lines. But here comes the actual part; the unusual twist. Whenever you connect two elements with the help of a line, the numbers inside each of those two circles drop by one. So, if you have 3-2 in the starting, you’ll end with 2-1. The level is completed when you connect all the elements and the number in all the circles drops to zero. But remember not to cross any two lines with each other. Sounds a bit complex right? Well, it’s not! It’s easy to understand once you get your hands on the app. However, the game definitely takes a difficult turn once you reach higher levels.

There are 200 levels in the total span of the game. This is more than enough considering the quality in strategy making required to solve each puzzle. But don’t worry to be exhausted solving a level and not able to proceed further. The developers have already unlocked all the levels for you. So, you can play any level any time according to your comfort. If you think you can, go ahead!

The interface of the app is simple yet beautiful. The graphics are good and clean so that you can enjoy hours of sheer fun without a single charge. Each level has a time display to measure the time taken by you to complete that level. This time is summed up against the total no. of levels you completed. You can sign in your Scoreloop account and compare these scores on Global leader boards.

The app is master in biting off the time span. If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on, we bet it might be difficult for you to take out some time and read this review. Therefore, for those who haven’t, just stop wasting your time!

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