Connexion iPhone App Review

by | Dec 6, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

IPhones are one of the most popular gadget people can use. There are lots of applications and one of them is the connextion. Connexion is dating site application which singles are freely chatting and dating. It is also a way of communication and meeting new friends. Like other dating site application or any social media dating sites, connexion provides cam to cam experience for the members. This also called as connecting singles because this application creates for singles and some communication purposes.


Being single has a mixed feeling of emptiness, bored and happy- go- lucky. But, it sounds better if you feel inspired every day and in love with someone else. Even some singles are happy and contented with their life but we know that there’s something missing, the love of their life. We can love our self but it is really different that there is someone loving us as much as we love our self. Many singles are happy with the connexion created by iphone, their boredom disappears and others spent each whole time in their iphone and having chitchat with the new people they have met. It is really amazing how this application change each individual’s life.

Aside from the inviting application created by iphone, the subscribers appreciate the filter too, it clears and they look different in personal. They became more envious and seductive with the app and confident turning on with the camera. It really features a beautiful design which subscribers will love it even more.

I caught my single friend on this app and it is funny how this app brings us together again. At first, I was hesitant to register this app since all I know is just for fun but I found it fun and enjoy. All singles in connexion are easy to go with and they are all open- minded. They have a lovely company. Before you start having chitchat with someone, you have already their basic information which is stated in their profile including their names and locations, age as well. Spare your time and your luck to the people who reply you. Some are looking for long lasting relationship, some wants a friendly conversation because they are just bored till they will met their soul mates. I must say that the connexion is the beginning of everything for singles so far.


Are you tired of your life being single? Do not give a second thought to register and log in with the connexion. You will enjoy the nice feature and the people in there. Having extended friends and other more friends give your life a colorful as rainbow most especially when you meet someone who feel you two are compatible and comfortable chatting with each other. You feel the connection of you both. Share this enjoyable app to everyone and no more single day’s problem. No colder Christmas and lonely Valentine’s Day. It is more fun with someone’s company. Now, start your day with this great app and enjoy it during your leisure time. Have a great day!

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