Crazy Taxi – Facebook Racing Game

by | Nov 13, 2011 | FaceBook Apps | 0 comments

Crazy Taxi is a racing game where instead of racing against other cars, you are racing against time. Crazy Taxi’s start screen includes instructions which are to “drive as fast as possible! Press the left and right arrow keys to steer, the up and down keys to control the speed, and the spacebar to jump.”

 In Crazy Taxi you drive down a straight highway in the middle of a hot desert. You must drive as fast as possible and watch out for approaching cars. When those cars approach, you must jump over them; you can also drive past them on their left and right sides. If you hit the cars it will stop your speed. So, either dodge those cars like bullets or jump high over them.

You have thirty seconds to cross a distance of 5000. You need to make it to zero distance before the time runs out. Every time you make it down to zero distance left, you reach a new level. But more and more cars will accumulate in front of you. As you reach new levels, the amount of distance you must reach will decrease but so will your time.

 Some times you will need to slow down a bit to jumping over multiple cars. This is so you will not drive too fast and hit the car. If you hit the car it will slow you down. You will have to slow down even more to get a distance behind them, and then speed up again to jump. The more distance you drive and the more levels you achieve, the more points you get.

 You can submit your score and challenge your friends. You can see your score and rank. If you think you are a crazier taxi driver than your friends, challenge them and show them whose boss!

Crazy Taxi is a very basic game with a very basic premise: reached zero distance before time runs out and try not to let those pesky cars get in your way. There is no music and no car sounds (except for when you hit another car in the rear). Crazy Taxi is a great time killer and is appropriate for any racing game lover. Put your skills to the test! Make it across that desert and get your passenger to his destination. And don’t worry about hitting too many cars in the rear; in Crazy Taxi it is ok to be a crazy driver.

Play Crazy Taxi by following this link & share your reviews.


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