Cut Cut Ninja- Gesture gaming + multiplayer gaming

by | Nov 1, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Cut Cut Ninja, an iOS app is a very interesting gesture game. Developed by Yufei Zhao, it brings to you a gesture gaming experience like never before. The fun part is, you can challenge other players and compete with them in real time too! This multi-player game with ninjas is surely going to blow your mind away. The surprise is that is can be downloaded from the App Store for free!


The gameplay is quite simple indeed. There are a set of timbers on the screen and you have to cut through them all in a single swipe. There is a shape shown on the timber as a clue. Your aim is to cut such that you do not miss even one timber. You can also cut open any rolls to cast a strong spell to make your game easier.The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot cut while you are falling.

The more you cut and the faster you cut, the higher your score gets. These high scores can be used to unlock more powerful characters as you go along the game.

cut2This is the small picture of the game. In the big picture, there are thousands of other ninjas across the world that are being trained in the same manner as you are. Your aim is to be better than them at cutting. You must challenge them and cut more timbers than them in the challenge game. You can cast spells to trick your opponents or even to help you out. Participate in the ‘Cut Cut Match’ and prove that you are the best ‘Cut Cut Ninja’. Prove the result of your hard work and training as a ninja in this game!

On your way, as you cut timbers, be sure to collect coins. You will find chests while playing. Cut these open and collect the coins. These will allow you to unlock new characters with higher speed and better skills. There are many different characters, each with their own strengths and powers. As you upgrade to better characters, you can collect more coins and so forth. It is a vicious cycle that is sure to get you addicted in no time at all. Some characters have special abilities that can be activated anytime during the game. The trick to remember is to draw well and make the right combos of swipes.

cut3The user interface is very colourful and bright. So much so that you feel excited just looking at it. To top that, the characters are very adorable and each one is different from the other. The background images set the mood as well. All of this, combined with the awesome concept and simple gameplay, make this game one that anyone can enjoy. Also, the feature of challenging other players in real time is not only well done but is very addictive too. This iOS app requires iOS 6.0 or higher versions. If you like gesture gaming and multiplayer games, this one is the perfect one for you.

Good: Many characters

Bad: None

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