Cyborg Chicks vs Space Sandwiches- Addiction Redefined

by | Feb 22, 2014 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Cyborg Chicks vs Space Sandwiches will have you rolling on the floor with laughter, thanks to its storyline and classic title. This retro style shooter game in 2D has an amazing combo of both music and pixel art.

iPad_1 The controls of the game are very intuitive and easy to master. All you have to do is tilt the device on either side to move the character to that side. There is a myriad collection of 25 different unique characters for you to take your pick from. To make the game a social one, there are leader boards and high scores along with rewards and achievements. So much to keep you hooked. The gameplay, on the whole, is endlessly addictive and is hard to put down.

iPad_2The storyline of this game is enough to get you to play the game. The peaceful planet Klumm-7 is being threatened by a large scale attack from an enemy who does so in the form of sandwiches! The wise and elderly have given you the best of the cyborg chicks of the planet to help you beat this enemy. This perfect civilization of cyborgs boasts of a brilliant culture with a love for aerobics and science. One fine morning, they are attacked by enemies, having believed till then that they were the lone living creatures in the universe. The threat of malnutrition and calories in the form of sandwiches must be fought with some of their healthiest. And hence the elders choose the youngest and fittest of their creed for the above. Helping them win is entirely in your hands now.

iPad_3Just the name itself invokes a good amount of curiosity and interest. Further, its relevance to the storyline has you both laughing and nodding your head in agreement. Saving this planet then becomes an integral part of your life even before you know it.

There is an endless stream of enemies for you to counter. To help you in this battle, you can upgrade your chicks and your tools so as to top the high scores. This fun and delirious game is enjoyable in all sense. The aesthetics of the planet have been paid good amount of attention to with pixel art. The music is quite unique and stands out prominently. The music is a rare combination of electronic music as well as metal.

iPad_5This app has all that you can ask for in a nutshell. The storyline is extremely engaging and so is the name. The gameplay is as simple as it could possibly get. Just a few tilts do it. No special skill or practice required there. The user interface is catchy and user friendly. And once you start playing this game, it is quite hard to put it down. Saving an entire planet of cyborg chicks is quite a onerous responsibility. Nobody wants to quite halfway through!

To sum it up, if you have some time to kill and need a game that will keep you hooked, then the Android app Cyborg Chicks vs Space Sandwiches is one that you cannot miss.

Good: Easy controls and gameplay

Bad: None

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