Dealer Kinect – Best Market Place for Your Cars via Facebook

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Dealer Kinect – Best Market Place for Your Cars via Facebook

Social Marketing is the latest trend now as the usage of social networking sites are drastically increasing day by day. Especially use of Facebook is increasing in millions daily. Facebook and other social networking websites are not just a place for connecting people and chatting. It’s the place for most of the information share. Top notch marketing people has understood this clearly and many people started investing on marketing through Facebook. Yes, it’s possible. One such successful and effective concept of Marketing was introduced on Facebook through the app Dealer Kinect. Dealer Kinect is not just a Facebook application which shares some useless stuff. It’s a market place where you will meet a dealer or buyer or seller and share their experience.

Dealer Kinect is the place where most of the car dealers of United States do their business. It’s not only an application which just gives you updates about any posts. It’s a search directory where anyone can host a post for selling their car and any other user can use the search options to identify their suitable car. This Facebook application has a Search directory of cars which are for sale and this directory has several thousands of cars listed in it. The search criterion covers all the car making companies around the world and all their models. You can do a search based on you budget by fixing a Minimum price & Maximum price starting from 1000 USD to 100,000 USD. The important & most notable thing when you buy any car is its mileage. This application provides a quicker search feature to get the right mileage car you preferred by setting up a Minimum & Maximum mileage range as search criteria. This application sophisticates your search by making the zip code option as mandatory. Yes you must enter the zip code of a particular state where you are looking to buy a car. Zip Code narrows down the search and brings the results which are of very close proximity to the entered Zip Code. You search criteria can be further narrowed down by selecting the year of the car make or you can set up a range of year in which your car model falls.

Other than being a normal search directory website/application, it provides regular updates to its users about the new cars arrives for sale and their best features. The top & best deals are displayed on the home page of this app. The search result produced by this application is very accurate and it suits your criteria. It displays the best deal which suits for you on the top. You have option to invite your friends and spread the word about your car sale and you can get some customers. Dealer Kinect has become the most popular & effective utilization of turning Facebook users to indulge in a business through its Facebook market place for car sales. If you are looking to buy a car of any model, the start using this Facebook application you will meet your dream car with in minutes.

Dealer Kinect – Facebook Application

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