Defense Zone 3 HD – Android App Review

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Usually, the tower defense plays, mostly attract a large group of people but many fail to hold up their space for a longer period in our IPhones or other smart phones. If the makers efforts don’t fizzle then the GAME is going to be a sure HIT and get applauds world wide.Defense Zone 3 HD-an IPhone app ,grievously,belongs to the first category.The efforts put to develop are highly remarkable and no where we can explicitly point out the mistakes.The end scores are quite attractive without literally making us aware of its significance.

The thesis, about Defense zone 3 HD has no specific explanation regarding, why our work is so indispensable,which is usually observed in most of the tower defense games.At the very minimum level there will be some control over special characters with us or the game expels some electrifying chimera.In this game there is no such florid effect to make people get fantasized.All we need to do is to prefer a map from the list and get to work without any guide.We just defend our base from an impending offensive group of military enemies.This is worked up by dispatching the crazy troop of enemies marching,flying,driving through the tracing.An upsurge of 40 enemy feats are to be survived and reach the exit point with less number of intruders.

Unfortunately the game has no particular efforts made, to let know the user about, what does what.Towers can be placed are pointed as icons at the bottom of the screen and no suggestions are given to the player at any point of time to poise an option.The personality of the game becomes so incomplex as there are just eight towers and finally we get good knowledge about how they perform.

At times tower placements become more wrangling.All we need to do is to drag the tower from the menu and place in the most suitable grid among many suggested potential placements.The size of the tower must match the position that is chosen.In a frazzled time of playing game, such placement assumptions ruins treasured period of time(seconds),which could be spent on more crucial move.Sometimes the towers hide and the player even forgets its subsistence.But there is an action of pause when required.

Another most devastating experience is that the default view of the map doesn’t show the entire crusade enclosure.To move the camera and to interact with the towers WASD keys can be used.Continuous scanning of maps is required as most of the screens are much bigger and we may miss few crucial happenings.Sometimes if we place a tower and choke at a point and move to some other place its more obvious we forget to upgrade the tower power.This looks quite irritating and agonistic for the user which finally leads to game ending.The knowledge of zooming out with the help of scroll wheel is gained by me after several rounds of play.With the help of zoom out we can watch the entire screen at once.

Of the other side of the coin,this game has effective visual displays and promotes quality ultra high definition images.Though no information is clearly explained regarding what is what ,players can try to get out of the levels by some guess work at first and later can excel once we get acquainted with the game.All the explosion effects are quite impressive.Appreciable distinction between units is maintained.The theme of the crusade is adorable and users quickly get note of it.Sound effects are profounding.We can try as a chance as it fits within the budget.A ratings of 3.5 out of 5 stars can be given to this defense game.

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