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One day, you and your friends have decided to go for an adventurous ride. Thereby, you found a haunted house. As you enter the house, the entrance door disappears. Then you decided to get separated and go on different floors of the house and start searching for the way to escape. Suddenly, you see some demons on each floor! Now who are they and what they want? Wait, you’ll get to know! All you have to do now is to explore the house and find your way to escape from the shadow demons!

The above said story is an example of the game which I’m going to introduce you now! It’s none other than “Demons Escape: Shadow Realm”. Developed by Golive Games Studios AG, this app requires iOS 8.0 or any later version of the OS on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To begin with the Demon Escape, you only need to meet an objective which is simply to escape the shadow realm and vanquish the demons who stand in your way. However, it’s not that simple as you think. It’s quite dangerous to avoid the demons and run through their shadows and then survive. The demons can sense your presence so you should try to prevent the demon from catching you and choose the right path.

You’ve to act as either Neel or Laal, the Legendary Demon Hunters who are trapped in the shadow realm having nothing but a magic bow. You can use your magic bow to slay your enemies, run from the shadows and survive. You can also upgrade your bows and quivers to give your heroes special properties to help you on your quest to escape the shadow realm. There are so many shadow demons who stand between you and safety so you have to avoid them carefully.

You can collect arrows for your magical bow as you run through the shadow realm and use them to vanquish your enemies from range. You can run towards the evil shades and your arrow will be automatically fired when within that range or save your arrows for using them at the right time! This game will put your reaction speed and strategy to the test as you figure out the safest path through the shades while on the move!

Overall, in this gameplay you have to run your life to escape the demon infested shadow realm. The controls of the game are simple and the graphics are superb. Demon Escape is an endless gameplay where you survive and slaughter demons for as long as you can. Moreover the game helps to train your brain and increases your overall imagination and builds some confidence in you!

So do you want to survive for long or want to become the next victim of Demons. Let’s see in this awesome gameplay!

The app is available for free on the iTunes Store. So get it now!

Pros: strategy game; RPG; thrilling adventure; amazing characters; looks like a real experience; user friendly interface; easy to use; free.

Cons: none.

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