DetecThink App: Perfect Tool For Kids In Solving Math Puzzles In A Detective Way

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Getting an interactive and fun-filled tool that can help kids to learn and solve different math puzzle in an imaginative way can be something worth going for. It has always been pretty easy for children to understand and solve different mysteries with the aid of visual and cognitive skills. The good news is that the Intellipath Games has designed an education app known as DetecThink app. It is meant to assist kids in tackling and solving detective mysteries in a mathematical way.

With its captivating approach that includes amazing graphical effects and fantastic animations, this intuitive app comes with a great experience for kids. Actually, most kids will have solved lots of puzzle questions before realizing that the story is almost over! Since its release on 2nd September, 2016, this fantastic app has received a high overall rating (4+ stars), a clear indication of how effective it is in boosting child’s brain performance.


The Functionality of the DetecThink app

The interesting thing that the user will discover from this app is its user-friendly and intuitive nature. This makes it easy for young children to learn and enjoy each moment while trying to solve different detective mysteries. For instance, some of the mysteries involve solving puzzles to free the princess from locked door, finding what is in the briefcase and even solving a quiz in order to drive the bus.

What is the story behind this DetecThink app? The story revolves around a lost royal crown of Scornfield which needs to be found. The funny and charming Prince Colin is on a mission to find both the crown and her sister Princess Althea, who is also missing. A hint? Once one has decoded the subtraction clues, it can be easy to obtain the passcode! With such a great entertaining moment for the kids, DetecThink app also gives them a great chance to boost their skills in math.


Compatible Devices For the DetecThink app

Currently, this version 1.0 of the DetecThink app has adopted high quality design and formation which makes it capable of exhibiting great performance in strong devices. Thus, the recommended compatible devices for this app include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Also, it is god to ensure that the user adopts iOS 8.0 or any latest available for great output.

Here are the notable features that are evident in the DetecThink app:

Learning topics for math puzzle

There are different learning topics that have been incorporated within the DetecThink app. This is meant to ensure that the kid gets a wide range of skills based on the functions involved in math. Actually, the major topics are inclined to addition, subtraction and numbers place value in which the kids are required to solve in a detective manner.

Unique math challenges

The practical math puzzles that are available to the user come with about 8 different challenges that one needs to tackle and solve them. This also constitutes over 100 math problems which are well presented in form of detective mysteries that should be unraveled by child. As the children are solving different mysteries, they come across different funny and clumsy characters and adopt different incredible gadgets to help them solve such puzzles. Actually, each challenge is absolutely worth trying!


Customize difficulty level with child’s skills

Since this education app is mostly targeting kids who may range from 6-8 years, some levels might appear a bit challenging to some of them. In order to ensure that the child gets the best experience, the DetecThink app allows the parent to customize the difficulty level in order to match the child’s skills and capability. There are currently five different levels; they include numbers up to 10, 50, 99, 500 and 999. With time, the child can always improve to the next level!

Personalized progress report

In order to ensure that the kids’ performance is getting to the next level, parents can opt to create different user accounts for their kids. The parent can then constantly check on the performance of the kid in relation to solving different puzzles and quizzes. Such a detective avatar for a kid will absolutely boost the overall outcome after a series of practice and playing the detective part.

Great graphical effects and high quality sounds

The entire design that has been applied in the DetecThink app is incredibly amazing and well presented to bring great fun to the kids. The adoption of 3D animation creates an amazing connection of this storybook and the kid who is solving the detective puzzles. Besides, the quality background music is quite soothing and entertaining. The developers have ensured that it is well tailored to the game thus bringing liveliness and fascination to the kid!

Check below for the Pros and Cons that one will discover from the DetecThink app:


· Numerous math problems worth solving

· Highly customized to boost easy understanding

· A chance to create personalized progress report

· Fantastic graphic effects

· Absolutely entertaining; funny and clumsy characters


· Some levels are slightly challenging for kids to tackle

· Infrequent in performance at times


DetecThink app has been perfectly designed to not only bring great fun to the kids but also give them a chance to learn different math puzzles. It has adopted fantastic features which include classic design, user-friendly interface, fantastic animations and lots of puzzles to ensure that the kids have the best gaming and learning experience. It is absolutely an app worth recommending. It is available for download at App Store for free. Get it today and prepare a young detective!

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