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When you want to come out in flying colors by tasting huge success in your business, then it is essential that you know the secret to effective marketing for reaching your target audience. Large companies and corporations will allocate huge sums of money in their budget for marketing, but in the case of small business owners they cannot do the same. They have to use their money in a prudent fashion to do the marketing. The effective solution for this is to make use of Direct Mail Manager powered by post card services. They use the new concept of sending direct mails to your target customers by making improvements to the conventional mailing system. It provides on-demand direct mail service to your business. Direct Mail system stands apart from the most common method of marketing which is used today, the emails.

Features and Benefits:

  • Software Integration – It makes the job of sending printed mails to your targeted customers easier, since it integrates directly with many popular CRM, Ecommerce and Financial applications. This helps you to directly import all the names and addresses from the software tools and applications that you use daily. It has the integrations with Quick books, High rise, Fresh books, Big Commerce, Batch books and many more integrations which are updated every month.
  • Reporting – One of the most attractive features in Direct Mail to monitor your campaigns. It enables you to calculate your ROI, generate reports, and create charts. The reporting tools include various options such as Mail Counts, ROI reports, A/B Reports (helps you to choose which type of marketing is beneficial for you), QR tracking, Mail tracking, and Mobile pages.
  • Free Online Design Tool – In order to create your campaigns all you need to do is just few clicks. You can choose the design for your cards from the 100’s of designs that are available; you can personalize it by customizing them or you can create your own design and upload it.
  • Dash Board Service – You can view all your direct mail marketing related activities at a glance, it makes it easy to keep track of all the information.
  • USPS Mail Tracking – This helps you to keep a track of all your mails by which Direct Mail ensures that you reap returns for all your investment. This information is updated every 6 hours.
  • No Minimum quantity requirement – This makes it easy for you to run test campaigns and decide which is best for you by calculating the ROI.
  • A very minimal turnaround time for the cards to be printed and it is also delivered within 3-5 days.
  • Direct Mails have a higher open rate of 79% when compared to emails which has a 17% of open rate. It also has a higher response rate of 3.99% when compared to 1.73% of emails.
  • There is a drastic improvement in your ROI (Return on Investments) by using Direct mail postcards which has a larger customer turnout.
  • It offers a 30 day of free trial, where you can try out the services and experience its benefits.


Direct Mail Manager has so many attractive features which are offered at very competitive prices. It is surely a blessing for small business owners to reach their targeted clients in an effective way and at the sametime use it as a handy CRM. All you need to do is to sign up free in the site to experience the rewards.

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