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by | Mar 16, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Your love for a subject can provide you with a lot of power which will improve your idea about the subject other than hold. While reading is a passion for many, it is not possible to find a good app in the iTunes store that will provide you an opportunity to start at your ease. The NoteStream app on iTunes is free to download and it comes with a lot of features which will encourage readers to read more. This absolutely amazing and free app will keep you enlightened in 15 different categories from ancient history to fashion and you will get to read about things you have never known. You will get to read segments that are easy to read in form of notes.


NoteStream, presented by Notestream Inc is developed keeping readers in mind. How things will be easier to read is kept as the first priority of the app development. The app also helps the user to start reading from the place where he left. It is an automatic digital bookmark that the app keeps. The developers understand what kind of interruption can be there while going through the books and thus this feature is incorporated. You will not have to start again and search the place where you stopped. You always have option to read online or off.


The app not only makes you read some of the best writings of the world but it also help you out with a detailed author’s bio with every piece. If you are not happy with the default font, then you can change the font and layout, too. You will always receive a notification when a new piece of writing is available and that will keep you updated. You can choose to get daily update or immediate or weekly update from the app. You can share your liking with your friends through social media and email.


You can always use the power wheel of the app to navigate through it. You will get to know what you are going to get and select the topic you want to read. New pieces of writing from all the favorite writers around the globe are being added every day. The app even has opportunity for new writers who want their writing to be published. All you need to do is to mail at [email protected] and the next procedure will be told to you. It is an app that can benefit all irrespective of what category they fall into.

The version 2.0.1 of the app comes with a lot of new things. It is the biggest release of the app. You can check the Red Crumbs to check out the latest writings of your favorite author and get notified when their work is published. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and it requires iOS version 7.0 or later. The app takes around 8.1 MB space on your device.

Good: The app notifies you about the latest publication of your favorite author at your convenience. Browsing through the app is easy and it is quite easy to operate the app.

Bad: There is nothing wrong reported about the app

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