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by | Jun 8, 2015 | Android Apps | 0 comments

It is quite common these days to spend a lot of time on your mobile. If you have smartphone, you must be having a lot of messaging app and with the type of connection they make it is possible to get tired of typing text messages again and again. At the same time, it may be possible that you don’t find the right emoji to send to your friends and thus miss to forward the correct meanings of your words. Ginger Keyboard is the right app for all those who have to write a lot of text on mobile.


The Ginger keyboard is praised by several media companies for its effectiveness and popularity. The keyboard has a prediction function inbuilt which guides you while writing. It will predict the word that you are going to write one after another, and you never know you may not need to write a single word, completely.

Ginger Keyboard is known for its fast action. Everything is done so swiftly that it will save a lot of your time that you can utilize on some other things. The smart grammar check that comes with the keyboard will check your grammar before you can put it in the sentence. This means, you can write official letters from your smartphone without the need of an assistant. Spelling and grammar checking will be aquirata and up to the mark every single time.

There are several games that will be incorporated with the Ginger Keyboard is made. Once the person is ready with the installation, he can take flavor of the other games such as Copter and more.


The game provides you opportunity to take notes, comes with advanced language support, dictate task. Organize your day and create a lot more fun elements for you. Ginger Keyboard is not a free game though. You have to spend money in order to get the in-app items that are present in the game.

Ginger Keyboard comes with some specifications. The version 7.1.7 of the app comes with advanced language support. The version was updated on 27th May and it is already recorded a lot of downloads. The system requirement varies from devises to devices. . You can either sit or read the review on the app or just make it a part of your life. You will never be disappointed with the same.

Summary: Ginger keyboard is not another keyboard that is made for money and general utility. It’s a keyboard that will make your work really easy.

Good: The interface is really cool and the cool feature graphic makes it look appreciated. The word prediction feature is really awesome.

Bad: Nothing bad is reported about this, yet.

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