DoodleBook : Creating Doodles for Fun and Practice

by | Dec 18, 2012 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Google is now hosting annual competitions for Google Doodle. The best Doodle gets featured on the Google homepage. This competition is now immensely popular among young children and many schools are participating. It’s not just about competition, it’s about creative new ideas that a child has to gather up and sum them up nicely in between those 6 words. It’s a tough task but very enjoyable as well. So, if you want to participate next year, why don’t you start practicing right now? But don’t end up with some spoiled stacks of papers. Creativity starts from a point and it’s better if you get accompanied by someone. So, let’s create your first Doodle that might feature on the Google homepage next time.

DoodleBook is the new iOS app that has been developed by DoodleBook. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later version. We liked the concept of the app. If it says Doodle in the title, it must be creative and it is. You are not following a drawing app anymore which starts with a pencil and ends with a broken brush. It’s creative, cool and entertaining all the way through.

The app is a Social app and involves your friends or community members. You don’t draw it alone but against a friend. You can invite your friends from Facebook, email, via username on the app or randomly any user available online at the moment. The game is turn-based. Just choose a prompt common to both which is merely a line and start working on it. This was the most awesome idea I liked in the complete app. As you are done building your own story, press the ‘Done’ button and it will be posted in the app community. Same will be followed with your competitor.

There are many different game modes. You can play it easy and stress-free in the DoodlePlay mode. You can also go for the DoodleDare mode and ask your friends or strangers for a healthy competition. The winner will be decided by the other users of the app community. As you win, you may get featured on the wall if you get enough likes. You also get coins which you may later use to purchase tools which might be helpful for you to win more of those DoodleDare challenges.

The DoodleDig app community is vast and has a lot of content to be analyzed by the beginners and will be helpful to understand the concepts of Doodle-making. You can like, comment and share other doodles if you find them attractive. This will help promote the artist. To be true, it’s just a lot whole of stuff there for the newcomers and feel free to check it out because the app is available for free in the App Store at the moment. Then why wait when there is nothing else to watch for?

Download Link :    Download the Application

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