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Project Management has become an important aspect for businesses.  Project Managers can have a lot of work on their hands once they start with a company.  This is where Doolphy comes in, an online project management tool that will speed up the process for Project Managers.

Unlike other Project Management Software as a Service, Doolphy already has a mobile app that Project Managers can access on-the-go.  Before, you had to be in the office to do your job, you had late employees and you had to deal with a short timeframe to cover lost time.  With Doolphy, employees can keep working while they’re outside the office, they can easily recover from sick days and they can do early work if they plan to be outside the office.

Doolphy helps Project Managers with the planning process by creating and planning projects efficiently, even if you don’t have a Project Manager on hand.  This program also helps you to save time and money by using the software whenever you have to rely on it.  Doolphy is easy to use and allows you to create a full project, with every feature included in a Gantt Chart.  If you have multiple projects, there is no problem when you use Doolphy because it contains a single page where you can check the progress of all of them instantly.  You can check out milestones and tasks and set their respective priorities in order to tackle the most important problems first.

Customer information can easily be uploaded onto Doolphy for future reference and a history of satisfied clients.  Now that you know how Doolphy works, you need to understand the benefits of this service.  Think about your ideal team, where you can equally assign tasks to each member and increase productivity.  Doolphy records the effort of each member of your team and it can promote collaboration amongst each team player.  Real-time tracking allows all users to figure out what needs to be done and to take decisions at that moment.  Your information is in a secure place and if your equipment is stolen, you can instantly change the password to your account without worrying about anything else.

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