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Do you remember your childhood and its memories? If the answer is yes, then what do you remember? It’s very unusual that everyone remembers everything about their childhood, but some do! In my childhood, drawing was my favorite hobby and my passion. There were drawing books and we were asked to mimic the drawings on drawing sheets. I’m now grown up but still when art comes to my mind, I start painting the canvas and express my present feelings. You should always live your childhood and I have something for you which will really help you! It’s called ‘Draw Mimic’, a game where you have to mimic the drawings given in each level.

Draw Mimic has been developed by Diesel Byte. It requires any latest version of the Operating System compatible with your Android Smartphone.

Most of the kids love drawing more than their other subjects because it’s full of fun and entertainment. Doing art is not a bad thing in fact, it shows how creative you are. How much is your catching power? How much you’re attentive? Without art, there’s nothing in this whole world. God is really very creative that’s why he made us and we made this amazing app to recall those small memories. Draw mimic is a game where you have to mimic the drawings of each level and get the best score. The game offers around 29 intriguing levels to play with each and every level having different drawings.

The game sounds you easy, right? Have some patience guys! It’s not that simple like copying your parent’s signature on your report card. But it’s challenging for you. To begin, there is a menu where you can click to play, read instructions, customize settings and see the credits. Then, choose the first level to play and unlock other levels one by one. In each level, you have to mimic the drawings exactly as they are displayed and you’ll be given 3 seconds to observe the drawings to mimic. Your time starts now! Remember the details and start drawing. There are several drawing tools like brushes and colors to help you draw and mimic the pictures. You can pick up according to your need and start drawing and get the best score ever. You’ll be given a particular time to mimic the drawings and complete the task at that given time.

Don’t get worried, if your brush tilts and you have drawn a wrong pattern. There is an eraser for you in this updated version of the app, you can use it anytime, but remember you have to complete the level in the given time otherwise you’ll lose it. If you have drawn the best mimic, you’ll get the higher score.

So draw mimic is the most popular mimic game for children and it’s full of fun. It’s completely a free game and it’s super-addictive. Motivate your kids now!

Get it from the Google App Store!

Pros: innovative game; mimic the drawings; 29 plus levels; simple yet challenging; addictive; good sound effects; build your creative skills; free.

Cons: none.

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