DRIVE.NET- Satiate your passion for cars

by | Jun 19, 2014 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Each of us has this one thing that we are crazy about. If your thing is cars, then the iOS app DRIVE.NET is just what you need to harness this craze. It brings together a community of car lovers from across the globe, helping them unite over their favorite thing in the world. If you happen to be a collector, then DRIVE.NET is the right place to promote your love for cars.

The app is based on simplicity, as is evident from the user interface. It is free for download to everyone. To be able to post, you are required to sign up for it. Without doing so, you only have permission to read other people’s posts, write comments and reply to them. For the rest, you have to create an account on the app. Creating an account requires the standard procedure. Once it is done, you can post both articles and photos related to cars and even blog if it suits you. A lot of users use this app as a platform to describe their various road trips and journeys. Just get creative and keep others posted.

drive1The user interface has been designed quite neatly. On the home page is a list of the most read and accessed posts. There is a menu bar at the bottom for navigating to other sections including the main screen, news feed, comments, messages and publishing posts. The organization of the app is very well planned and it has been implemented very effectively, the end result being an intuitive, user friendly app.

All posts on the app are regulated before being posted. Hence, only those related to cars are published, ensuring that they are original and inoffensive to anyone. The website outlines a set of guidelines clearly, which are followed by the editors to approve photos, messages and comments before they go live on the web. Anyone who violates the rules too often also stands at danger of losing their account.

drive2DRIVE.NET has a lot of features to offer to any user. However, this can be a bit of a curse for smartphone users as the screen gets cluttered and you aren’t able to view all of it. A larger device such as an iPad is best suited for it. As the pictures and descriptions both get very descriptive and long, smartphones are slightly ill-suited for it. A bit of skill with quick typing on your smartphone could really help nonetheless.

To be able to download and use this app, you require iOS 7.0 or later and 14.1 MB of memory space on your device. Initially a website, this social network has gone mobile with smartphone apps for both the iOS and Android. This move to extend its outreach will surely pay off for developers DRIVE. The community is quite diverse indeed and so are the stories, posts, descriptions and more. If you have a love for cars, this is the right place to satiate it. The main aim is to stay updated with the world of cars and connect with people who share this love of yours.

Good: Vivid collection of posts

Bad: Not very well-suited for the smartphone due to large amount of content.

Worth Having Application –  Download it on IOS  –  Download it on Android

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