Drone Lander : Where Speed Meet Action

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Watching an unmanned vehicle moving all over the world is exciting. But how exciting would it be when you get to control one such system yourself. I am not asking you to become a pilot but I’ve found some other way around; it’s called Drone Lander. It is a superb adventurous game with the challenge to land the drone.

Drone Lander is an app designed by Sysreb. It requires latest version of the Android Operating System and is compatible with any Smartphone. This app is very much challenging and addictive and I guarantee that once you start flying, it will really be difficult for you to put down your phone. Let’s see how effective it is!


The graphics in Drone Lander look great for a mobile game. The animations in the game are incredibly smooth and flexible. The soundtrack is really fantastic. It is built smartly and precisely with almost every feature in it. The user interface is very friendly to make sure it doesn’t get too complex for you to understand the application.

There is no login required to use the app. You can fly in 3 different maps- either industry, mountains or city. Talking about the statistics, the game has over 45 exciting levels designed for you. In starting, it will take time to command on the controls of the game. But when you start mastering on it, you will definitely enjoy playing the game. There are several controls to play the game which includes forward,backward,left and right. You can fly up with the help of RPM up and land the drone using RPM down. The game has 3 difficulty modes- Beginner, Advanced and Expert. You can choose any option among them. But keep one thing in mind; the more hard level you play, the more gold you will receive. The earned gold will help you to unlock new drones.

The most exciting thing about Drone Lander is that it has 7 different Drone models. Each drone has unique features of altitude, acceleration, handling and speed. If drone starts to fall, increase RPM to keep it stable. Try to land your drone softly and in the centre of the landing point circle. You can get bonus gold by landing as fast as you can. You will find many obstacles in your journey, but you have to avoid them otherwise the drone will crash. Each flight of drone lander requires one battery bar. You can wait for 10 minutes or watch a video to get one bar.


So, overall I would say that this game is a mind game and addictive also. Once you will start playing it, you will never get bored.

It is highly recommended in a resolution of 720 * 1280. It is available for free in the Google Play Store but game items can be purchased for real money.

Pros: Good visuals and soundtrack; over 45 levels; 3 unique maps; challenging and addictive game; free.

Cons: It’s not easy to land the drone.

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