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by | Feb 1, 2016 | Android Apps | 0 comments

DZ Puzzle iz a simple new puzzle game by “Divisao Zero”. It seems easy at first, but after spending a bit time playing the game, it’s clear that the player will also remain puzzled more often than not in the game. It’s a great mind workout, and your concentration and logic will be tested in terms of performing efficiently under a time limit.

Basically, you need to connect the dots. You start with a couple of randomly played boxes on the board, and you can advance as soon as the begining is connected to the end with an uncut line. The spots within you can move are colored, and if you press the box, or swipe it into the “wall” spot, your box will rotate. Do this until your line is facing the wanted direction. Once you’ve connected the initial piece with the final piece, you press “check” and, if you got it right, you advance to the next level. The goal is to do it as soon, and as fewer moves as possible. Every move, whether you’re moving or just rotating the box, takes away some time from the clock.

The game is consisted of 6 graduations each having 20 levels. As you progress the game gets more and more challenging. Each graduade has it’s own focus, or difficulty if you will. The first one has only basic moves, but that is soon followed by crusade pieces, or bugs that are certainly an annoyance. By the end, the time given to complete the puzzle really starts to be an issue as well.

However, there are some helpful things in the game, such as clock and advert bonuses, providing you with those priceless extra seconds you need to complete the puzzle. There are also some other bonuses on the bottom of the screen, but the free edition does not offer this feature. If you need some more instructions, there is a fast tutorial on the start screen. One of the positive features is the screen adjustment, so you can make sure the game fits the screen of your device.


The game screen itself is fairly well executed. It has a clear header containing all the things you need in one place, allowing you to focuse on your tactict of connecting the dots. If you get stuck, the restart button will get you back to the begining. The music, on the other hand, is not a strong point of the app. There are 6 different tracks, but they are only MIDI format tracks, and not particularly pleasing to the ear, but you can always turn the music off.

Here are some general pros and cons of the app:


– continue the game on the last completed level

– fast tutorial

– screen adjustment

– runs smoothly, and it’s a fun and a fairly addictive game


-general design lacks brighter, attractive colors.

– music is way too minimalistic

If you enjoy a good puzzle game, I don’t see any reason not to like this game. It will challenge your mind, and at times your nerves as well. The playing experience could be better if the design and music would be improved, but the key thing is connecting the dots, and it’s up to the player to remain focused, and not to allow the difficulty of the game in higher levels get to him. Seeing some other similarily addictive games going viral currently, keep an eye on DZ Puzzle, cause it might just be the next big thing amongst android games.

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