Eat Me ! – Eat As much As to Survive !

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Android Apps | 0 comments

No doubt that android is actually ruling Smartphone’s everywhere. Android offers some of the best apps to load, play, and gain knowledge from it. One such popular app which is trending these days �Eat me’. When I loaded this app, I literally thought that it will be a game that small children can easily play but the app really surprised me. It has got some of the amazing challenges which can keep you engaged for long and you will surely not move to other level till the previous one gets cleared. It has got great clarity and the use of graphics is made superb.


Grab the fishes for free:

The game theme is quite simple. Your job is to feed your goldfish with the smaller ones. You have to be careful with those bigger fishes. I tried ample of times to get rid of them, but they create so many challenges in path that makes this game more interesting. You have got only two options either to let your goldfish grow by making it eat the smaller ones or let the bigger fish make you a tasty meal and grump you. Your aim should finally be to reach the top of the food chain and win it. The challenges and obstacles are simple unique and interesting to play on.


Know the features:

Being supported with high resolution, this app gives you an optimal gaming experience. You can load it on your tablet too. do not worry about the price as this game is available for free of charges. It gets updated on regular basis to fix out those annoying bugs that may create a big mess. The game has got some of the great outstanding graphics with challenges that are certainly mind bending. This innovative physic game play is supported with 1080p for better definition. Try to play this game till end and make sure there is no other app running at the background for better speed.

What makes this app so popular?

The game theme is marvelous. It has got some incredible challenges that keep the user engaged for long. Personally this game has got me addicted. There are so cute fished of different sizes available. You will also get to see the real species that are variety ideally in the exotic underwater. JungleGames has got this time yet another best game which you must try out. Look out for those large fish that can make you a target and eat you out. Do not underestimate the small fishes as they do have their own defenses like dropping of an egg at the attacker.

The app is a complete blend of new technology, good graphics and nice theme to play around. Android this time has definitely got something worth for you and that too for free of cost. Start playing this game and I am sure you will not get rid of it till end. It has been rated with 5 stars till now by many users. Make some space in your phone and load this game today.

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