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Consumers are growing smarter and more tech-savvy by the day. With the increasing popularity of the web, it has almost become a necessity to have a part of your business online. This ensures ease of access to your valuable customers. Besides just comfort, they can also evaluate your business through a number of reviews. As this has almost become a compulsion for a successful business, those businessmen who are not technically oriented have been left in quite a fix. Eforb.com comes into this picture as a savior.

The developer of this webapp, Anton Ustimenko started off with an aim to help businessmen promote their business online. This creative, successful and young man wanted to add a touch of comfort to this process ad make life easy for businesses running online. He wished to bring together everything from good pubs, goods and companies to worldwide searches to negotiations between partners to entertainment and more- all under a single roof. And all for free. With this objective in mind, he set out to create eforb.com, a social network for businesses. It is just ‘Everything for business’.

At present, only the beta version of this site is available. Nonetheless, it shows immense promise and scope for growth in the near future. It allows you to do the following:

  • Create your online business
  • Find goods, companies and places in just one place
  • Search according to area and interest
  • Communicate with partners
  • Carry out negotiations online
  • Arrange for meeting
  • Share music, photos, videos and a lot more for entertainment
  • Promote your business online to widen your reach to millions of customers online

The most surprisingly delightful aspect of this webapp is that it is free of cost despite the numerous services it has to offer. It is open to everyone online. Registration is an easy process. To avoid the tedious lengthy process of signing up, you could sign in with your google+ or facebook account in a matter of seconds. Signing up is easy too. You just have to fill in a few details, verify your email id and you’re all set.

Post registration, you can change your profile information, which includes contact information and qualifications along with interests. There is an option to change your avatar too. From your home page, you can access companies, products, audio, video, people and more. You can add your own too using these tabs. Customizing your profile has been made extremely simple and easy.

The user interface has been designed very neatly and has been kept dichrome. It adds a peaceful feel indeed. This app scores high on utility and user-friendliness. It is yet to be released to the public. A few pages are yet under development. All that is left is to complete the design and launch the app. Owing to the creativeness of its idea, it is sure to be a huge success in the markets. None of the present apps umbrella such a wide range of services under a single cover. If you are interested in business, this app is one you must try.

Good: Utility, free of cost

Bad:  Small glitches, hope they will rectify it in next version.

Worth Trying Business App –  Try Eforb Today

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