eToro Trade Alerts – Easy to Trade Anywhere from Android

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eToro Trade Alerts – Easy to Trade Anywhere from Android

eToro Traders, the largest investment network and renowned FOREX traders had developed this android mobile app, eToro Trade alerts is an extraordinary app for all the financial traders and for the people who are interested to know the changes in the world economy.  eToro Trade alerts is an app which analyses the real time market and the financial trends technically and sends instantaneous alerts to your mobile, this ensures that you never miss out on any kind of major or minor financial changes. This is a very innovative app which helps to stay in touch with the financial markets, and it is always made available to you through your mobile phones.

It also includes some of the social features such as like and share, the users can also comment their opinion on the FOREX signals. eToro Trade alerts helps you carry on the trading anywhere and also at any time through your mobile phones.


  • eToro Trade alert offers a FREE Demo account which is worth of $10,000.
  • All the Alerts and notifications will be sent to your inbox and also to the archives.
  • You can make really smart and efficient trading decisions, this can be done with the help of the specific instrument insights.
  • The mobile app offers a new social bar feature. All the social features such as like and comment and many more are bundled together in the form of an easy to use tool bar with which you can make intelligent decisions with the knowledge of the other people in the same network.
  • The eToro Trade alert has 16 pairs of currencies.
  • The app includes major indices such as NASDQ 100, France 40, FTSE 100, DAX, Dow Jones, and S&P 500.
  • You can trade commodities, currencies and also indices using this app.
  • The app offers REAL – TIME push notifications and alerts. There is also an option to view the history.
  • All the technical alerts will be shared with the other members in the same community and it will be ranked by these members. In this way the users will be benefited from the wisdom of other people.

  • The other features of the app include FOREX signals.
  • The REAL –TIME charts which are made available through eToro Trade instantaneously after the technical analysis is very useful and easy to understand.
  • The settings in the app allow you to have full control over the sound and also the notifications or alerts frequency.
  • You can see your FOREX signals performance in the live market also in REAL – TIME.
  • The app has also a secure checkout feature where you can deposit the amounts starting from $50 in a safe and secure way.
  • The Open book feature of the eToro Trade alert allows the user to quickly respond to the market situations from anywhere and also at any given time.
  • This app efficiently combines the two greatest features of the financial industry they are the mobile trading and the social investment.

Bottom Line:

eToro trade alerts makes the overall trading experience a more engaging and also enjoyable at the same time. This app can be downloaded from the Google play store for free.

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