EZCOMMA- Improving English Made Easy

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Learning is a never ending process. It is essential to learn something new and grow as a person each day. If you want to learn something quick and easy today, the Android app EZCOMMA is here to help you. Unlike most other Android apps, it is not focused on entertainment but on learning. It helps you improve your English is an easy and fun way in no time.

ez1To bring things down to the grass-root level, this app ensures that you develop as a writer in no time. It makes you aware of those mistakes that most writers make most often. Not only that, but it also puts forth concepts in such a manner that you understand the fault and see why it is wrong to begin with.

ez2A lot of people misuse punctuations. Oftentimes, they do not realise what a difference it can make to the sentence. At the same time, it is not something that comes easy and naturally. If this happens to be one of your weaknesses too, then EZCOMMA will help you make it your strength. If you are apprehensive about not being able to remember rules, then this fun app will take care of that too. Moreover, it can be used by people of all ages and kinds.

This grammar app is simple and very user friendly. It serves as a handy tool for those working on their English, especially school students. Developed by David Tick, a reading specialist and English teacher, it focuses on the correct usage of the comma. Even experienced writers sometimes fail to judge the importance and the effect that a single comma can have.

ez3There is a navigation menu that you will notice as soon as you open the app to get started. The interface has been designed such that navigation is easy and intuitive. It has been kept simple, clutter free and very basic. It teaches you through a series of simple examples that are explained well, each lesson planned out quite well. It is worth mentioning how easy the app makes things for you, presenting matter in such a manner that it is easy to both read and understand. It employs dropdown chalkboards to achieve this purpose.

At the end of each lesson, there are a series of interactive tests to review your progress. These help you track your progress and also serve as a revision to each lesson soon after you take it up. There are a total of five lessons, the first and the last one being split into two each. Owing to the easy navigation menu, moving from one lesson to the next is an easy task. An interactive review section helps you by giving you a bird’s eye view of your progress. Adding a few more lessons and a couple of games would add to the functionality of the game indeed.

The graphics of the app aren’t spectacular per se but they serve the purpose mighty well. For background music, there is music by David Tick and his band. While the music can be soothing and entertaining, narration of the lessons would have been of great help. Alternately, users can go to the menu and mute the music if they find it distracting or prefer their own music.

EZCOMMA is indeed a very handy tool for those learning English, whatever is their purpose. It can be used by people of all ages alike, requiring only Android 2.2 or higher.

Good: Interactive tests and Review section

Bad: None

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