Family Link : Classical Game with Family Flavor

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Have you ever wished that you could create your own family by choosing whom to include in it and whom to not? Well, if you have wished for something like this, then you can do s virtually now with the Android app Family Link.

The basic idea of Family Link is derived from the traditional tile matching one but it has been extended to include a lot of fun into this simple concept. You can involve just anybody, including your friends, family and even your girlfriend into this game. This is done by creating tiles for each person you want to have in your family and customizing these tiles individually.

You have the complete autonomy of selecting what and who you wish to include in this game. So, there is absolutely no end to the possibilities. This, combined with the friendly feel created by the colorful and interactive user interface and the various silly adorable effects, makes it a game that you cannot resist. Invite people to the game and compete with them to see where you stand.

Going about the game is extremely easy too. To begin with, you are required to select a face for each family member from the many cute ones available in their avatars. There are two modes to switch between based on your mood. If you feel lazy and just want to enjoy the game, then the Leisure Mode is what you should go for. In case you feel like showing your family your skills by competing with them, then you can switch to the Challenge Mode. These two modes add a unique touch to the game, making it worth playing at all hours of the day.

The idea of the game is quite creative indeed. There are numerous tiles with faces of your family members on tiles. To earn points, you have to click on tiles with the faces of the same members and make them disappear. It is not necessary that these tiles be right next to each other but must have a clear defined path or connection.

The avatar faces on the tiles are very adorable and cute indeed. You can even add photos of your family members to make the game more customized. It is all about matching and is based on the matching tile genre idea but with a whole new different flavor altogether. Playing it with your family is lot of fun and it can get addictive to challenge and compete with your own family.

If you get stuck in a tough situation, then do not panic! At the bottom of the game screen, there are numerous tools provided to you to assist you in such dire situations. So, get started at the game and don’t let just anything hold you back from grabbing the top slot among the high scores. Once you get there, your family will see you from a different perspective altogether. If there are any further queries, the customer support is always available at your service to steer you out of the turmoil.

Good: Extension of the matching tile concept into including family members and friends

Bad: None

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