Farmer Sim 2018 – App Review

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Are you a real Jack of the gaming boulevard who likes to add an entertaining experience on the go and that too without burning holes in the pocket?Then the new Farmer Sim 2018 is the game for you. It will take you to the field and give you a real time experience of a farmer who is adept at farming.
Trust me,this cutting-edge game is fully packed with the next generation graphics for game buffs like you.You can just farm here like the real Macdonald with machines,trucks,trailers,tractor,plows,and many can earn coins on your progress and buy new vehicles to enjoy every new level of the game.
This game has been getting its nifty reviews ever since its launch.You will be asked to complete random tasks and It makes you a captain on the field full of lush greenery and farm animals like goats,turkeys,sheep and cows.
It is the best of its kind and works way better compared to all its console counterparts.You can do all the farmer jobs here starting from sowing seeds,harvesting crops,breeding and transporting your live stocks and so on.Lot of new added features are also a real turn on both for the returning players and the newbie.
But before you even start playing this game on your smartphone,let me tell you why this game is the best for you and what are the salient features that make it stand out of the other farming games.
Let’s take a read of the following …..
1)This game is rated 4.5/5 on the Google play store
2)It guides you with an easy tutorial
3)You can use legitimate farm equipments,visually manage your farm animals and other assets here
4)You can real time share your progress levels at this game in your social media circles
5)You can enjoy realistic vehicles,machineries,tools here
6)Different species of plants and trees will be available to enthrall you
7)The tools and controls are very compatible for end users and beginners also
8)The app provides a constant update option for its features
9)The developer team of Ovidiu Pop is always busy at ensuring the best game experience for you
If this game is not your first experience and you are already much familiar with its exciting features,it’s now really time to learn what’s new and what’s missing on this killing game.
1)You have pigs added on your farm now
2)You can even grow sunflowers
3)You can buy tractors with pre-installed front loaders
4)The game offers you new location now
5)The old chemical sprayers are sadly no longer available in the new version
6)Dumping the cow dungs can be real time consuming here
7)Finally,this new version is not entirely one of a kind from its counterparts keeping most of the earlier features simply same
In a nutshell,Farmer Sim 2018 is a real treat if you are jumping here for the first time.It is also the best one as a standalone release.This oddly addicting game can earn you enough money to let you upgrade to better options.
So, you have a smartphone?Eureka! all you need is just visit the Google Play Store today and download this game by Ovidiu Pop,on your set.Now just install and play.
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