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by | Nov 22, 2015 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

Keeping track of little things like your keys, wallet and the like can be quite a tedious task. No matter how hard we try, we end up misplacing them. Even if you keep them safely, these things tend to get misplaced. They are never to be found where we left them. The glitch is that these little things are important- like your keys, phone, and wallet. To help you solve this dilemma, Open Media has developed an iOS app ‘Find My Stuff – Find your keys, wallet, car or other stuff in seconds!’ Your little things will no longer hate you and refuse to be found with this app. It is here to be your saviour.


Using Find My Stuff is extremely simple. It makes your life simpler by automatically detecting any object that you attach to it. You simply have to attach a beacon to it. This beacon can vary from BlueCats to Blue Station to Gem Tot to Red Bear B1 to TwoCanoes to Radius to Estimote and much more. Once you do this is where the magic begins. You can then find whatever you need on a map in real time. The map enables you to keep track of all your stuff and get an estimated distance from all your objects in real time.


To make things even better, this app acts a security layer with a very simple mechanism. If any object is stolen or goes missing, Find My Stuff gives you a notification alert so that you are always keeping track of your stuff. You can use the map to know if your objects are in range or out of range too. The app also logs changes in the location history of each object. This way, you can backtrack and figure out where to find it. Basically, this app is here to make sure that you keep up with all important things in your life so that you do not lose any of them.


Another awesome feature of this app is that you can track your objects irrespective of which device you are using. You can use your iCloud to support this app so that you can keep track of important stuff on multiple devices now. You will always be updated, no matter what device you are currently working on. This app works seamlessly on all your iOS devices to give you full flexibility and freedom from stress.

The app has been designed such that it is very easy to use. It responds well to all your track requests. Although the concept and problem are quite common and straightforward, the implementation of the solution is very unique and well executed. The main and only disadvantage of this app is that it uses GPS constantly, which can drain out your device’s battery. The drain is not all that much as is the relief from the stress of keeping track of your little things at all times. This app is just ideal for those who tend to lose stuff easily.

Good: Support for a wide variety of beacons

Bad: Drains out device battery

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