Fine Scanner- The ideal image scanning utility for the iOS

by | Jan 25, 2016 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

While the iPhone was designed with a basic purpose to connect people, it has developed into a multi-dimensional utility today. With the right choice of apps, it can be converted into a virtual Swiss army knife of useful tools that could come in handy on a daily basis. Some apps are an essential part of your daily life. One among these essential utility apps is Fine Scanner by ABBYY. This app is known for converting your phone into an excellent image scanner.


ABBYY is known for being a specialist in document conversion, linguistic technologies, document recognition and data capture. Fine Scanner is an easy to use app that allows users to quickly scan images without any fuss or hassles. It makes use of the inbuilt camera in iOS devices to give high quality scans. The iPad and iPod Touch now come with pretty good 5 MP cameras. Using this app, you can produce impressive scans even with a decent camera and basic camera skills. The app is aimed towards scanning hand written notes and printed documents with ease.


The only requirements of the app are a steady hand while clicking photos. You do not need to have great photography skills or the like to use this app. Once you have clicked a decent pic, you can fine-tune and edit it to make it look fabulous this is done by first cropping and adjusting the part of the image that you require. Following that, there are options to adjust the contrast and color scales. You can even convert images to grey-scale. There are a number of filters that can be applied to add the right kind of effects to your images. There is a multi-page document creation mode where you can click batch photos and save them into a single document.

The iOS app comes with a number of options that you can pick as per your requirements. You can adjust the Flash to turn it on or off. In addition, the app allows you to save your scanned images in either PDF or JPEG format. In the JPEG format, there are 3 further variants in terms of quality- High, Normal and Low. If you have an old device with a low quality camera, it is advised to stick to the first two.


Another thing that sets this app apart is the ability to edit images from the camera roll. You can tag images and also create new tags. The images that you create can be shared with ease using the app. It includes the simplest options like e-mail and also cloud support like Dropbox and Google Drive. Files can be shared with other iOS devices via iTunes sharing.

Besides these small glitches, the app does an excellent job. The image processing techniques used are top notch and produce high quality images only. If you are looking for a scanning utility for the iOS, this one is the ideal one.

Good: Good customization and file sharing options

Bad: None

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