FitTime Stats- The easy way out to fitness

by | Dec 20, 2015 | Android Apps | 0 comments

The key to health is simple. There are two things that could alter your health majorly- what you eat or your diet and the energy you use up to burn those calories. The major issue with the second one is that the current job lifestyle is an extremely sedentary one. Even if you do take out some time to work out, quantifying the effort you have put in is not easy. This is where the Android app FitTime Stats fits in.


It’s accepted almost as a fact that it is good to keep a log of your workout sessions. Anyone who does not know what they did in their last workout drastically needs to change their methods. At the same time, there’s a joy in seeing your progress with your own eyes. These things are easier said than done. Unless you use FitTime Stats. Developed by Martino Ventures, LLC, this app has solved this problem in an effective way.

In addition to help you gain control of your workouts, FitTime Stats can help you revolutionize the way you look at them. This app will help you stay in shape by putting in effort for short intervals of time. It essentially reminds you to workout in short intervals of time. The philosophy behind the app is simple- short intensive workouts at regular intervals can yield the same result as spending continuous hours at the gym. The main plus point of this is that you do not end up feeling extremely tired. At the same time, you can build muscles and keep the fat at bay.


Short regular workouts ensure that your body metabolism stays active and running fast throughout the day. This way, you burn fat throughout the day instead of doing so rigorously for 3 or 4 hours. The ultimate result is that you stay in good shape and health all the time. it is the complete package that is sure to give you results. You can view the results of your hard work through the app as well.


Working with the app is very simple. You begin by setting the time interval for the alerts. You can choose between every half an hour, every hour or every 2 hours. Following this, you set the length of your activity- ranging from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. Next, you pick out the difficulty level of your choice. There are 3 different difficulty levels to choose between. Lastly, you pick the time of the day when you wish to start alerts and when you wish to stop them.

Another advantage of this app is that the exercises are simple too. You do not require any special equipment and you do not need to sweat it out. You can do it pretty much anywhere you like. A little activity at regular intervals will help you improve a lot- your attitude, your sleep, your metabolism and your blood pressure. At the end of all this, you can see the results in the form of a bar graph and analyse them for yourself. You can even brag on social media about your achievements directly through the app.

Good: No equipment or extra effort required

Bad: None

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