FlyMate iOS App : Travelling is Fun !

by | Nov 11, 2012 | iPhone /iPad Apps | 0 comments

FlyMate iOS App : Travelling is Fun !

If you are a regular traveler and often travel through flights across different countries, then it is obvious that you have to check your flight schedules, if it’s on time or delayed. There are also many cases when the flight gets cancelled. But it becomes difficult to track all those updates while you are on the way to airport. Then, when you reach the destination, you still don’t know how to reach home or which is the best way to get there. It would have been nice if you could afford a self-guide without any ticket. It’s no more a smart option to launch your web browser and search for it. Take out your Smartphone and fly away with FlyMate!

We are talking about the new iOS app FlyMate that has been developed by….. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version. The app has been made for all the flight users and the airline as well as it allows them to post all the updates and announcements on the app which will be accessible to all the users. It gives you real time information about the flight schedules and has a network of over 4000 airports across the globe.

As you launch the web, you are greeted by a simple and clean user interface with 4 different tabs. Search for a flight by just typing the names of the arrival and destination airports/cities. Select the airline and date and you will get both the scheduled and actual time of arrival/departure of the flight. Moreover, you get the details like the terminal number, gate number, instant delay and cancellation details as well. The Air-post section has over 4000 chat boxes named according to the different airports across the globe. Here you can ask for any query to other users as well as answer others looking for the same. For example, if you have any query regarding the nearest hotel to the airport, you can post it and maybe any other user provides you with the answer. It can also be used by the airport authorities to post any updates.

You can create a mini-blog or upload a video, just like a social networking site and allow other users to comment on it. This way you can create your own friends on the community. My-post section is where you can check for any replies to your queries or any posts.

The app is well simplified and can be used by anyone quickly. Just type the name of what you want to see and you’ll get it without following any algorithm to do so. You are always up-to-date with the latest information and can even help your friends by sending the information to them if there is a change in the flight schedule.

The app is available for £0.69 in the App Store and it is a very good price for what you are getting. We appreciate the work of the developers and strongly recommend it to every user who likes travelling, or forced to.

Download Link :    Download the Application

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