Fox Tales: Rocket Run- An Addictive Endless Runner Game

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Endless runner type games are an excellent way of spending any leisure time that you get on your hands. The Android app Fox Tales: Rocket Run is one among them that tops the charts in its niche. The game revolves around an adorable fox Kizu, a hero in himself, who has a rocket strapped onto his back. The challenge lies in launching him and taking him to the farthest distance possible.

fox1The game sets you into an exciting adventure that you have to keep going. The game is all about consistency in the midst of dangers surrounding you. There are obstacles such as birds to dodge, burning lethal saw blades to evade, deadly spinning saws, and more that are scattered in Kizu’s forest. They all aim to bring you down and halt your progress. However, you must keep going.

The gameplay and controls are extremely simple and basic. The game is controlled merely by a single touch, sparing one the pain of remembering control combinations and keys. You begin with holding down your finger onto the screen to launch the rocket, thrusting Kizu upwards into the clear sky. Releasing your finger will stop the rocket, ensuring that he collapses back to earth. This is all it takes and as simple and intuitive as it gets.

fox2 Play with friends and challenge them to the game. The best distance is engraved on a grave stone in the game. That distance is your next milestone. Upto 3 best scores are displayed on grave stones. There are achievements and leaderboards online that will help you see where you stand to track your progress.

Besides the main controls, there are many features to help you get going, there is armor that you can use as protection, coin magnets to help you collect coins and a ‘Time Slow’ power up to reduce the speed at which time is travelling. There are other power-ups that you can use to boost your progress rapidly. The rocket boost and the weight system can also be upgraded from time to time in order to better your performance.

The interface and graphics of the game are indeed top notch. The graphics have been kept cartoony, cute and fun. The background tunes are very catchy and keep the mood pumped up. It has a colorful bright background that falls perfectly in line with the story of the game. The game will get you addicted in no time, keeping you hooked for hours on end. Developer Won-O-Soft has indeed done a fabulous job on the game.

To play this Android app game, you require Android version 4.1 or higher. Additionally, you need 42 MB of space on your device and a good internet connection. In places with relatively low internet connectivity, the game lags a lot. This can probably be attributed to its background tasks. Nonetheless, this can get quite annoying at times. All said and done, the game is addictive and has been designed for people of all ages with simple controls and excellent graphics.

Good: Simple gameplay

Bad: Requires good internet connectivity

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