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As a website owner, you resort to so many techniques and make use of various tools to not only increase the number of visitors to your site but also to convert a high number of these visitors into your customers. This is because no matter how good a product or service you may be trying to sell, you are not present online but it is your website that has to talk and sell. This is the difference between selling offline and online. One analytical tool to help you in your goal of higher conversions is FoxMetrics. It is a real time platform that not just collects and stores, but also analyzes the data to let you have more sales through a higher conversion rate.

You may have come several across analytical tools earlier such as Google analytics or Yahoo analytics. However, FoxMetrics is similar yet different from these tools in a way so as to keep it short and simple to be of full use to a website owner. Why overwhelm a website owner with a barrage of reports and data that he may not be able to handle and use? The data finally allowed to sieve and get to the site owner is of immense use to the owner of the site and helps him to get higher conversions from his visitors.

FoxMetrics does not require the user to sign up several times for being able to make use of all the tools required to get an insight into the behavior of their visitors. This is one blunder that many of the earlier web analytical tools made. However, this mistake has not been committed in case of FoxMetrics and the user is pleasantly surprised as he is up and running within 5 minutes of sign up.

One attractive feature of FoxMetrics is that it doesn’t differentiate between small and huge website owners and is a reasonably priced web analytic tool that is available to all companies irrespective of their size and requirements. One thing to remember is that FoxMetrics is there to help business owners arrive at better decisions in day to day business operations.

Traditional analytical tools that were available used to measure data in a very generic manner such as bounce rates and page views. These reports, though being useful to the website owners were somehow unmanageable as an owner could not take any meaningful action on this data. FoxMetrics records data in terms of each visit with each visit having several different events associated with it. Tracking of personal level events gives you a better insight into the visits made by surfers and you can analyze this data and arrive at better decisions so as to have higher conversions. FoxMetrics provides data that is of such a nature that it allows the website owner to take action on it. There is a also a free trial for which you can sign up and experience the difference.

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