Fun Learning with Space Mathematics App

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Fun Learning with Space Mathematics App

All kids love to play games, when you are a parent and want to teach your kid any kind of stuff, it is very essential that you have a lot of patience and teach them in a way, which has both the fun quotient and at the same time transfer knowledge. Since, most of the kids these days are hooked to video games and many other games in mobile and iPhones and iPads, the easier way to get things into their heads with fun filled method are through games. Space Mathematics: multiplication and division is the app which is perfectly suitable for the kids to learn Mathematics in a very lively and fun way. This app is developed by Rucarta and with the software requirement of iOS 4.0 or later. The other added feature of this app, which is also the highlight feature, is this app is available in four different languages which include English, French, Russian and German.

Space Mathematics is a very effective app, which helps the kids to learn multiplication and division in a very easy way. The key is to make your child play and at the same time practice in this app for every day, at least for 2 hours. This app is developed by professional teachers offering both education and fun at the same time. The app aims to teach kids mathematics in a very fun loving way. The app concept is the kids will be learning mathematics by playing with the meteors and the planets in the cosmos.


  • Enthralling kids in a 3D cosmic atmosphere where they can have fun and education at the same time.
  • This app very good animation effects and good background music
  • There are three levels of complexity easy, medium and hard, each of the level will have a group of exercises that has to be completed before entering the next level.
  • There is a large group of intriguing elements that are very interactive in nature which guarantees loads of fun.
  • The app is very simple and easy to navigate, so the kids require no assistance from their parents.
  • The interface in this game is very dynamic with attractive colors and it is very easy to use.
  • The app is very engrossing to the kids which makes them play again and again and assures reinforced learning.
  • The app has integrated multiplication tables.


Space Mathematics is a very interesting game for visual and multi-sensory learners which guarantee that the kids will love what they learn. The repeated playing of this game by the kids will reinforce whatever they have learnt; hence this will last forever in the kid’s memories and gives a very good head start in the mathematics. This app is available for download from the App Store when you pay $ 0.99 which is a very attractive price which offers so much in return. So, download the app and watch your kids having fun and education at the same time.

Download Link :    Download the Application


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