Gallery & Apps Lock Free : Way to Feel Secure

by | Apr 4, 2013 | Android Apps | 0 comments

Google play is constantly coming up with more and more innovative, useful and fun apps for its users. However ones media security has often been an ignored subject matter. It is this ignored issue that Google Play has addressed and developed its latest application Gallery & Apps Lock Free which aims to put an end to all concerns and worries the user may have regarding the privacy of his photographs, music and other media files.


Although Gallery & Apps Lock  has made a very recent entry into the Google market, this app has already become part of Google’s top 10 applications list. Gallery Lock is an application which can be easily downloaded from Google Play for free. The application is easy to download at the touch of a button and is compatible with all other programs and apps installed in your Android phone.

The gallery lock pro version is also extremely fast and takes minimum amount of time to install. This app once installed gives its users a variety of options to help its users safe guard their media file. The best feature about the app is that it protects all files with the help of passwords. Gallery Lock allows its users to choose from a wide range of different password modes such as Voice lock which uses your voice as a security lock, Pin lock which requires users to type in a pin each time they access the media files and the Pattern lock which creates a special and unique pattern to protect files. This application gives other options as well such as Apps Locker that helps to secure other installed apps on your phone and the Auto Lock which allows its users to set a specific lock timer where the users can use apps and media files without entering a password for a time period set by the user. The Gallery Lock app also offers a unique Stealth mode which makes the files and apps chosen for security to become invisible to all and can be made visible by entering a specific code on the phone. The app also offers a Double Door Protection which allows the users to choose more than one lock mode to secure files.


Gallery & Apps Lock Free is an attractive, modern and easy to use application which is ideal for people who like to keep their data well protected from others. No doubt, Gallery Lock is a high tech app which gives excellent security to its users.


  • The best thing about this free app is that there is absolutely no limit to the number of files that can be protected using it.
  • Unlimited number of files can be easily hidden or encrypted with passwords using this app which has made it extremely popular in the Google Market.


  • A major drawback is that the features offered by this app need frequent up gradation.
  • Files can be lost if you uninstall the app without un-hiding the hidden files, but they can be easily recovered on reinstalling the app again.

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