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GeoEdge offers a competitive solution for businesses, helping them reach their audience effectively. Advertising, media, news feeds and other information are likely to have a better impact if they are geo specific. However, some content can be difficult to manage without seeing it in place. GeoEdge enables businesses to see content from the perspective of their audience, wherever they may be located.


The innovative tools of GeoEdge allow users to select a location and then view the content as the audience in that location would, thus facilitating a “You see what they see” result. Using the blend of capabilities that GeoEdge offers, media agencies will be able to effectively monitor their own campaigns, gain a better understanding of competitions at the local level, and make smarter decisions. Publishers can be greatly benefited by reaching the right audience, identify geo-traffic sources, and ramp up their regional value. Advertisers can improve their overall efficiency, validate their campaigns, strengthen their inventory value, and also work toward new opportunities.

The GeoEdge toolbar is simple to use. This browser toolbar allows users to select a country of interest and GeoEdge displays the content as the audience in that region sees it. The list of countries in the toolbar is extensive, and it covers all major market segments worldwide. The toolbar can be easily configured to suit the workflow of the user and it can be turned on or off with a single click.

GeoEdge Analytics offers a unique global add scanner that views and also understands ads. Through this feature, users will be able to capture and analyze any ad displayed on any website in any corner of the world.


  • GeoEdge offers a range of features through its search and pro solutions.
  • GeoEdge Chrome and Firefox toolbars: The user-friendly toolbars are ideal for customers who manage a multi-location or global media campaign.
  • Secure private proxy servers: GeoEdge’s proxy servers are secured to ensure data integrity and are continuously monitored to prevent service interruptions, guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.
  • Mobile emulator – Users can choose from a list of mobile devices including iOS, Android, and different Symbian models to see content and ads targeted at mobile users.
  • 100+ global locations – GeoEdge allows users to view, monitor and analyze content, ads, and apps in more than eighty countries, twenty five major US DMAs and four UK and Canadian cities.
  • GeoEdge VPN client – The GeoEdge VPN directs the user’s desktop traffic through its global proxy network, and is suitable for viewing and monitoring content and ads. The VPN supports MAC and Windows.
  • Access to any URL – GeoEdge allows viewing of any URL without any restriction. SEO and SEM experts can benefit from its Free GeoEdge search offer that allows selective viewing of search engine results pages.
  • Accessible web proxy tool – GeoEdge provides an efficient web-based tool for easy access to its global proxy network directly. This feature makes the solution ideal for accessing from mobile devices or remote locations.

Bottom Line:

Businesses can leverage the expertise of GeoEdge to gain a distinct competitive edge. GeoEdge also offers a free no obligation trial for users to explore and use its different features. The solution helps a business to function as a truly global company by displaying its content in place, thus simplifying the customization of regionally focused web content.

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